Citigroup 13-year bond YTM increases by 16.2 Basis Points ; 16.2 (BPS) [8.7%] 08 June 2023



Citigroup bond (CUSIP: 172967DS7) price has fallen 90.30c (or 1.1%) from its last trading session of Tuesday June 06, 2023 to close at $81.90.

The bond matures in 13 years and 2 months; its yield-to-maturity (YTM) has increased by 16.2 Basis Points (BPS) from 8.54% to 8.7%.

Citigroup (CUSIP: 172967DS7) Yield to Maturity (YTM)

Today1-month ago3-months ago1-year ago

Change in YTM

Yield to maturity has increased by 500 basis points from a year ago to 8.7%.

Price Change %-1.1-1.25-2.5-1.7
Change in YTM (BPS)167-1480500
Spread to Treasuries %4.745.533.80.65


Snapshot: Citigroup bond was down $1.01 or 1.2% in the past week.

DayHeadlineYTM % (CUSIP)Close price [USD]Price change %Comment
Tuesday, 06 June13-year bond YTM increases by 16.3 Basis Points ; 16.3 (BPS) [8.54%]8.54 (172967DS7)82.8-1.3Steepest Fall
Wednesday, 07 JuneBond falls after finding support; 0.3 (BPS) [8.19%]8.19 (17298CF29)99.40.01Price rise on rising relative strength
Tuesday, 06 JuneBond YTM increases by 1.3 Basis Points ; 1.3 (BPS) [8.48%]8.48 (1730T0C64)99.26-0.001
Wednesday, 07 JuneBond falls after finding support; 0.3 (BPS) [8.47%]8.47 (1730T0C64)99.270.01Price rise on rising relative strength
Tuesday, 06 June1-year bond YTM increases by 0.8 Basis Point ; 0.8 (BPS) [8.01%]8.01 (17290A2W9)97.66-0.01Price fall on falling relative strength
Wednesday, 07 June1-year bond YTM falls by 2.8 Basis Points ; 2.8 (BPS) [7.98%]7.98 (17290A2W9)97.690.02Price/PMAP200 above 1
Wednesday, 07 June8-year bond YTM falls by 1.0 Basis Point ; 1.0 (BPS) [7.84%]7.84 (17290A2L3)82.890.1Top Rise











CUSIP: 172967DS7

1.1 Maturity & Coupon details

Maturity DateAugust 25, 2036
Amount Outstanding$525 million
Coupon TypeFloating
Pay FrequencyQuarterly
Dated DateAugust 25, 2006
First Coupon DateNovember 25, 2006
Interest Accrual DateAugust 25, 2006


2.1 Price Dynamics

+ The price fallen 1.2% in the last week.

+ The present value of $1,000 (PV$1000) invested one year ago in Citigroup 2036 Bonds is $983, for a capital loss of $17. The total return to investors for 1 year is -1.7%.



CUSIPMaturityCouponCoupon FrequencyYield %PV$1000 1 YearAmount OutstandingRelative Strength 6-Mth
172967DS725 Aug, 20360.84Quarterly8.697983525,000,00092
172967AL515 May, 20257.88Half-yearly5.151941200,000,000
172967AQ412 Jan, 20257.0Half-yearly5.205943100,000,00019
1730T0TV119 Jun, 20231.214Quarterly9.3041,0095,005,00034
17298CEU831 Aug, 20231.175Quarterly7.031,0064,500,00033
17298CF2928 Oct, 20231.278Quarterly8.2381,0055,500,00029
1730T0C6427 Nov, 20231.426Quarterly8.51,0007,000,00024
17298CF4528 Nov, 20231.176Quarterly7.1751,0091,000,00034
1730T0K3227 Feb, 20241.57Quarterly5.7561,0043,000,00027
1730T0P4525 Apr, 20241.608Quarterly7.091,0032,000,00030
17290A2W928 Jun, 20240.4Quarterly7.9531,031154,750,00073
1730T3BT915 Aug, 20242.5Semiannually6.6721,0041,001,00045
1730T0W3927 Aug, 20241.176Quarterly6.891,0076,000,00033
1730T0Z5115 Oct, 20248.605Quarterly4.60735,000,000
172967MT530 Oct, 20240.776Semiannually5.9951,0212,500,000,00086
17298CHJ008 Nov, 20242.3Semiannually6.60299350,000,00072
1730T02S714 Nov, 20241.595Quarterly6.891,0052,000,00028
17298CHL527 Nov, 20242.3Semiannually6.56899210,000,00071
17298CHQ430 Dec, 20242.35Semiannually6.50499211,326,00072
17298CFE331 Jan, 20251.519Quarterly7.4891,01213,000,00043
1730T04K226 Feb, 20251.793Quarterly5.9979874,000,00018
1730T04Y227 Feb, 20251.569Quarterly5.9979882,000,00019
1730T05M709 Mar, 20251.625Quarterly6.00799611,000,00027
1730T06G930 Mar, 20251.614Quarterly6.0069951,000,00025
172967MF524 Apr, 20253.352Semiannually6.0569882,750,000,00051
1730T07D527 Apr, 20251.799Quarterly6.01698138,500,00015
17298CAD030 Apr, 20251.921Quarterly5.9999803,000,00016
172967MW801 May, 20250.718Quarterly6.2471,007500,000,00057
172967MX601 May, 20250.981Semiannually6.1581,0112,000,000,00079
17298CBB320 May, 20251.635Quarterly6.0079813,000,00016
17298CAT527 May, 20251.712Quarterly6.00698212,000,00017
172967JT910 Jun, 20254.4Semiannually5.599722,500,000,00023
17298CJN919 Jun, 20251.4Semiannually6.2919995,000,00085
17298CBZ029 Jun, 20251.551Quarterly6.0339822,000,00017
17298CDA307 Aug, 20251.894Quarterly6.0079816,000,00017
1730T3BW215 Sep, 20252.5Semiannually5.971,0011,400,00046
17298CKE730 Sep, 20251.0Semiannually6.161,00229,242,00089
17298C3F328 Oct, 20251.844Quarterly6.00798214,000,00017
17298CKQ030 Oct, 20251.0Semiannually6.1241,0029,969,00089
172967ND903 Nov, 20251.281Semiannually5.9671,0031,000,000,00081
17298C3Y217 Nov, 20251.649Quarterly6.0089923,000,00024
17298CKS618 Nov, 20251.0Semiannually6.111,00286,160,00090
17298CKV908 Dec, 20251.0Semiannually6.0891,00246,500,00090
172967KG512 Jan, 20263.7Semiannually5.1139742,000,000,00044
17298CKZ021 Jan, 20260.85Semiannually6.0981,0022,587,00090
17327CAP825 Jan, 20260.739Quarterly6.231,017500,000,00072
17298CL8929 Jan, 20260.9Semiannually6.091,0012,225,00090
17298C6K929 Jan, 20261.865Quarterly6.02799410,500,00027
17298CHR230 Jan, 20262.5Semiannually6.09898510,185,00079
17298CLA417 Feb, 20261.0Semiannually6.0781,00028,547,00089
17298CLG117 Mar, 20261.0Semiannually6.041,0005,817,00089
17298CLP131 Mar, 20261.35Semiannually6.0359824,831,00081
172967MQ108 Apr, 20263.106Semiannually5.6249843,500,000,00038
17298CLR720 Apr, 20261.35Semiannually6.01899218,703,00087
1730T3BA015 May, 20263.0Semiannually5.83799110,700,00057
1730T3BC615 May, 20263.0Semiannually6.019863,402,00050
17298CM3920 May, 20261.375Semiannually5.99399512,849,00087
17298CM9628 May, 20261.0Semiannually6.0891,0312,845,00099
17298CME515 Jun, 20261.25Semiannually5.97799612,275,00088
17298CGZ519 Jun, 20261.488Quarterly6.04398325,000,00020
172967MB401 Jul, 20261.464Quarterly6.7261,005650,000,00080
17290A3E801 Jul, 20261.25Semiannually5.96695411,010,00068
17290A2Y501 Jul, 20261.35Semiannually5.96699515,147,00087
1730T3BN215 Jul, 20262.85Semiannually5.7959922,400,00061
17290A2M121 Jul, 20261.4Semiannually5.95199440,922,00087
17298CLF326 Aug, 20261.0Semiannually5.9279982,670,00091
17290A2T627 Aug, 20261.4Semiannually5.939944,752,00087
17290A2S815 Sep, 20261.4Semiannually5.92299410,236,00087
17290A2F616 Sep, 20261.5Semiannually5.92299310,000,00087
172967KY621 Oct, 20263.2Semiannually5.339723,000,000,00030
17290ABR029 Oct, 20261.7Semiannually5.89499010,531,00086
17290AKJ829 Oct, 20261.75Semiannually5.89599025,000,00086
17298CLZ930 Oct, 20261.25Semiannually5.8959965,009,00090
17290A3W817 Nov, 20261.65Semiannually5.88799116,527,00087
172967JC620 Nov, 20264.3Semiannually5.59641,000,000,00018
17290ALQ108 Dec, 20261.92Semiannually5.87798825,000,00086
17290A5D822 Dec, 20261.8Semiannually5.8679833,977,00083
17290AAR120 Jan, 20271.5Semiannually5.90797015,228,00062
17290AJB728 Jan, 20270.776Quarterly6.799994100,000,00061
17290A2C316 Feb, 20271.5Semiannually5.8939909,087,00087
17298CGT909 Apr, 20273.5Semiannually5.87697131,975,00068
172967MZ109 Jun, 20270.819Quarterly6.41,020400,000,00092
1730T3BG715 Jun, 20273.0Semiannually5.6259892,042,00069
17298CJW930 Jul, 20271.5Semiannually5.8159882,690,00087
17298CK3118 Aug, 20271.25Semiannually5.8119917,900,00090
17298CH5030 Aug, 20273.0Semiannually5.81997411,000,00077
17298CJJ815 Sep, 20272.0Semiannually5.8089836,627,00085
172967KA829 Sep, 20274.45Semiannually5.5819653,850,000,00021
17298CFP824 Nov, 20271.07Quarterly7.4891,0203,000,00065
17298CFQ601 Dec, 20271.569Quarterly6.04798917,000,00030
17298CKX523 Dec, 20271.0Semiannually5.7719938,225,00092
17298CFA127 Dec, 20273.75Semiannually5.799801,000,00046
17298CH3531 Dec, 20273.0Semiannually5.78697343,801,00078
172967LD110 Jan, 20283.887Semiannually5.5519732,750,000,00035
17298CL7121 Jan, 20281.25Semiannually5.8169874,000,00087
17298CLH916 Mar, 20281.5Semiannually5.8039842,535,00086
17298CG3629 Mar, 20281.576Quarterly6.05798122,500,00022
17298CLS520 Apr, 20281.75Semiannually5.80198111,288,00085
17298CJC321 Apr, 20283.0Semiannually5.819751,000,00028
17298CG7701 May, 20281.855Quarterly6.0679897,450,00031
17298CG6901 May, 20281.855Quarterly6.3179774,100,00095
172967LP424 Jul, 20283.668Semiannually5.3469812,500,000,00053
172967KU425 Jul, 20284.125Semiannually5.5559652,100,000,00016
17298CGD426 Sep, 20281.946Quarterly6.07799012,024,00044
17298CLM830 Sep, 20282.0Semiannually5.78197614,058,00084
172967LS827 Oct, 20283.52Semiannually5.3439782,250,000,00056
17290AM9827 Oct, 20282.0Semiannually5.7719753,738,00084
17298CLX430 Oct, 20282.0Semiannually5.7797511,351,00084
17298CM4720 Nov, 20282.0Semiannually5.7699757,793,00084
17298CMA328 Nov, 20282.0Semiannually5.7689754,694,00084
17298CGL628 Nov, 20281.712Quarterly6.1279948,150,00063
17298CGJ130 Nov, 20284.0Semiannually6.1989712,000,00060
17290A2A718 Dec, 20282.0Semiannually5.7659759,129,00084
172967LW923 Apr, 20294.075Semiannually5.4829702,000,000,00031
17298CGX028 Jun, 20293.25Semiannually5.7679626,580,00074
17290A3F502 Jul, 20292.05Semiannually5.7549648,629,00084
17298CH6830 Aug, 20293.0Semiannually5.75496125,000,00077
1730T0X2019 Sep, 20293.75Quarterly5.7259575,000,00066
17298CH9230 Sep, 20292.5Semiannually5.7849697,843,00082
17290A3J719 Oct, 20292.0Semiannually5.7449694,212,00085
17298CHC530 Oct, 20292.6Semiannually5.76696614,560,00082
17298CHF821 Nov, 20293.0Semiannually5.75795913,924,00077
17298CHP627 Dec, 20292.75Semiannually5.759626,697,00081
17298CHU530 Jan, 20302.75Semiannually5.7489617,496,00081
17290A2V130 Jan, 20302.0Semiannually5.7419665,076,00085
17298CHW124 Feb, 20302.25Semiannually5.7596616,000,00084
17298CJ3328 Feb, 20303.08Quarterly7.491,0507,700,00081
17298CJ7404 Mar, 20303.0Quarterly7.5941,04718,650,00072
17290AFB116 Mar, 20302.0Semiannually5.7495820,209,00085
172967ME820 Mar, 20303.98Semiannually5.4689692,500,000,00044
17298CJ8220 Mar, 20303.0Quarterly6.0181,2047,360,00092
17298CJ4131 Mar, 20302.95Semiannually5.7469576,500,00078
17298CJD107 Apr, 20303.35Semiannually5.74895410,000,00071
17298CJB522 Apr, 20303.0Semiannually5.7469808,500,00049
17298CAF515 May, 20301.546Quarterly6.04799415,000,00061
17298CJE920 May, 20302.5Semiannually5.7379534,623,00082
17298CJL319 Jun, 20302.25Semiannually5.7369612,000,00083
1730T3BR315 Aug, 20303.0Semiannually5.4669741,000,00081
1730T32R319 Aug, 20301.4Semiannually5.7319352,000,00010
17298CK7228 Aug, 20301.5Semiannually5.7239593,649,00088
17290AL2427 Sep, 20302.0Semiannually5.7269612,544,00084
17308CC5305 Nov, 20302.976Semiannually5.4829732,250,000,00034
172967ML229 Jan, 20312.666Semiannually5.5099732,250,000,00035
17298CLE626 Feb, 20311.75Semiannually5.7159603,595,00085
17298CLJ516 Mar, 20312.0Semiannually5.7139582,248,00084
172967MP331 Mar, 20314.412Semiannually5.5499604,000,000,00025
17298CLN631 Mar, 20312.35Semiannually5.7149556,519,00082
17298CLU007 Apr, 20312.0Quarterly6.4591,1605,750,00099
17298CLV820 Apr, 20312.25Semiannually5.71395613,353,00083
17298CLW622 Apr, 20312.3Quarterly6.04792650,000,0008
1730T3BD415 May, 20313.25Semiannually5.4449776,100,00073
17298CM6220 May, 20312.25Semiannually5.7089554,154,00082
17298CMD727 May, 20312.125Semiannually5.7149573,562,00083
17298CMC927 May, 20312.0Quarterly7.1691,0745,000,00090
17298CGV431 May, 20313.5Semiannually5.77795412,736,00067
172967MS703 Jun, 20312.572Semiannually5.5219703,500,000,00057
17298CMF216 Jun, 20312.0Semiannually5.70995812,146,00084
1730T3BJ127 Jun, 20313.3Semiannually5.4439692,000,00091
17290A2B501 Jul, 20312.0Semiannually5.7169585,364,00084
17290A2U321 Jul, 20312.0Semiannually5.7149589,805,00084
17298CH2731 Jul, 20313.0Semiannually5.71695230,509,00073
17290A2J818 Aug, 20312.0Semiannually5.6989541,565,00083
17298CH4330 Aug, 20313.0Semiannually5.7189515,000,00073
17290A2L330 Aug, 20312.25Quarterly7.8371,02715,000,00010
1730T3BV431 Aug, 20313.0Semiannually5.749524,000,00084
17298CKA516 Sep, 20312.0Semiannually5.69795411,500,00083
17298CHD330 Oct, 20313.0Semiannually5.69994614,073,00070
17290AAC417 Nov, 20312.0Semiannually5.6949634,377,00092
1730T32H521 Nov, 20313.25Semiannually5.7369494,000,00083
17290ADG226 Nov, 20312.45Semiannually5.6949491,042,00079
17290AD6422 Dec, 20312.4Semiannually5.6919492,384,00080
17298CHM323 Dec, 20313.0Semiannually5.6969539,683,00085
17290AEN620 Jan, 20322.4Semiannually5.749261,345,00055
17298CHS030 Jan, 20323.0Semiannually5.74394910,000,00081
17290AJZ431 Jan, 20322.5Semiannually5.75792611,332,00030
17298CHY727 Feb, 20322.5Semiannually5.74495417,000,00085
17298CJ6630 Mar, 20323.5Semiannually5.8599902,000,00087
17298CKF430 Mar, 20322.0Semiannually5.7299556,415,00087
172967MY401 May, 20322.561Semiannually5.5299643,000,000,00031
17298CJH209 Jun, 20322.5Semiannually5.7349538,436,00084
17298CJM130 Jun, 20322.25Semiannually5.7439562,372,00085
17298CJS820 Jul, 20322.25Semiannually5.7269539,000,00085
17298CJU330 Jul, 20322.0Semiannually5.7239549,667,00087
17298CJY518 Aug, 20322.0Semiannually5.72295330,753,00086
17298CHA920 Sep, 20323.0Semiannually5.7299465,543,00081
1730T32B815 Oct, 20323.0Semiannually5.4079674,436,00090
172967NE703 Nov, 20322.52Semiannually5.5299641,750,000,00036
17298CKY321 Jan, 20332.0Semiannually5.7169525,989,00086
17298CFS224 Jan, 20333.3Semiannually5.739947500,00074
17327CAQ625 Jan, 20333.057Semiannually5.5529543,000,000,00029
17298CK5628 Feb, 20332.0Semiannually5.7119514,450,00086
17298CG8515 May, 20334.0Semiannually5.8729491,811,00067
17298CGR329 Mar, 20344.0Quarterly5.8919473,000,00062
17298CGY828 Jun, 20343.5Semiannually5.8389432,000,00065
1730T0V4830 Jul, 20344.0Quarterly5.7739389,000,00062
1730T3AT029 Sep, 20344.0Quarterly5.7669345,000,00062
17298CH8430 Sep, 20343.0Semiannually5.7959355,072,00069
17298CHE113 Nov, 20343.0Semiannually5.80293810,000,00069
17298CHT831 Jan, 20353.0Semiannually5.80692711,000,00051
17298CJ9027 Mar, 20353.0Semiannually5.8059231,000,00049
17298CJ5830 Mar, 20352.5Semiannually5.8229322,000,00057
17298CJA720 Apr, 20353.25Semiannually5.8429304,000,00049
17298CJF618 May, 20353.0Semiannually5.8099227,230,00049
17298CJG429 May, 20353.0Semiannually5.8192210,638,00049
17298CJK515 Jun, 20352.5Semiannually5.8149293,000,00057
17298CJQ229 Jun, 20352.5Semiannually5.8279292,000,00055
17298CJR020 Jul, 20352.5Semiannually5.8139258,470,00055
17298CJX730 Jul, 20352.125Semiannually5.81392625,000,00058
17298CJT631 Jul, 20352.25Semiannually5.8149265,280,00057
17298CK2317 Aug, 20352.0Semiannually5.81892821,000,00059
17298CK4931 Aug, 20352.0Semiannually5.8179277,298,00059
17298CKC117 Sep, 20352.38Semiannually5.82292417,345,00054
17298CKB317 Sep, 20352.2Semiannually5.8219268,497,00057
17298CKD928 Sep, 20352.0Semiannually5.82492859
17298CKG228 Sep, 20352.3Semiannually5.8229562,282,00087
17298CKK316 Oct, 20352.1Semiannually5.8219266,376,00058
17298CKP230 Oct, 20352.1Semiannually5.8269263,556,00057
17298C4H810 Nov, 20354.05Semiannually6.09792150,000,00015
17298CKT419 Nov, 20352.15Semiannually5.8269254,735,00057
17298CL9729 Jan, 20362.125Semiannually5.8349242,663,00057
17298CLD817 Feb, 20362.5Semiannually5.84292111,325,00051
17298CLB219 Feb, 20362.125Semiannually5.8379257,056,00057
17298CLK217 Mar, 20362.375Semiannually5.8399231,661,00054
17298CLT322 Apr, 20363.0Semiannually5.84691812,756,00045
17298CLY230 Apr, 20362.5Semiannually5.8619277,306,00054
1730T3BB816 May, 20363.75Semiannually5.695716,500,00093
17298CM5420 May, 20362.5Semiannually5.8629264,466,00054
1730T3BE231 May, 20363.5Semiannually5.90892812,000,00043
1730T3BH515 Jun, 20363.55Semiannually5.48295813,390,00080
17298CMG016 Jun, 20362.375Semiannually5.8589265,009,00054
1730T3BM415 Jul, 20363.4Semiannually5.48496110,000,00084
1730T3BL622 Jul, 20363.4Semiannually5.56295714,000,00094
1730T3BP729 Jul, 20363.5Semiannually5.55295611,000,00094
1730T3BQ515 Aug, 20363.35Semiannually5.4889668,100,00089
1730T3BU615 Aug, 20363.4Semiannually5.4899584,680,00078
17290A2D118 Aug, 20362.25Semiannually5.8569221,416,00054
1730T3BS118 Aug, 20363.25Semiannually5.87892110,000,00042
17290A3A601 Sep, 20362.625Semiannually5.86391811,550,00047
1730T3BX015 Sep, 20363.15Semiannually5.4949675,600,00091
1730T3C3515 Sep, 20363.3Semiannually5.4929665,200,00091
1730T3BZ516 Sep, 20363.3Semiannually5.8649303,100,00022
17290AGS317 Sep, 20362.25Semiannually5.8659231,705,00054
1730T3C2705 Oct, 20363.3Semiannually5.889197,000,00040
17290AMV920 Oct, 20362.5Semiannually5.8659196,643,00049
1730T32D420 Oct, 20363.125Semiannually5.5439552,500,00095
17290ABF628 Oct, 20362.5Semiannually5.864920500,00051
1730T32F910 Nov, 20363.25Semiannually6.0169107,000,00022
1730T32G715 Nov, 20363.3Semiannually5.5019654,772,00089
17290AKN918 Nov, 20362.5Semiannually5.8769131,159,00027
1730T32M415 Dec, 20363.65Semiannually6.0979071,216,00012
17298CF8627 Dec, 20363.5Semiannually6.0229362,000,00046
17298CHX926 Feb, 20373.0Semiannually5.9329106,500,00030
17298CG4404 Apr, 20384.2Semiannually6.00491315,000,00024
172967LU324 Jan, 20393.878Semiannually5.5889241,000,000,0009
17298CGW231 May, 20394.0Semiannually6.0299046,289,00022
17298CHK727 Nov, 20393.25Semiannually6.1478812,626,0008
17298CHV331 Jan, 20403.2Semiannually6.0498965,000,00022
17298CLL022 Mar, 20413.0Monthly6.0918922,761,00020
172967MM026 Mar, 20415.316Semiannually5.6199281,300,000,00011
1730T3BY822 Sep, 20413.25Semiannually5.6759404,000,00096
1730T32K828 Nov, 20413.35Semiannually6.1669093,000,00021
172967NF403 Nov, 20422.904Semiannually5.619141,250,000,0007
172967JU630 Jul, 20454.65Semiannually5.6569101,250,000,0008
172967KR118 May, 20464.75Semiannually6.0718932,000,000,0004
172967LJ824 Apr, 20484.281Semiannually5.5319011,000,000,0006
172967MD023 Jul, 20484.65Semiannually5.5319022,500,000,0005
172967NH024 Feb, 20281.33Quarterly6.5771,014500,000,00094
172967NG224 Feb, 20283.07Semiannually5.3379802,500,000,00058
172967HD6=25 Oct, 20233.8755.488
172967HT1=16 Jun, 20243.755.652
172967HV6=05 Aug, 20244.05.43
US117942406=06 Feb, 20252.8796.027
US127344582=26 Feb, 20251.66.712
17290AH60=20 Apr, 20252.656.891
17290AE89=21 Apr, 20252.556.671
17290AJX9=26 Apr, 20252.86.976
17290AMY3=06 May, 20253.06.88
17290AKC3=17 May, 20252.96.929
17290AKZ2=19 May, 20253.16.851
172967NQ0=24 May, 20254.145.951
172967NR8=24 May, 20252.6196.258
17290AC65=06 Jun, 20253.26.879
17290A4T4=24 Jun, 20254.56.29
US127333823=30 Jun, 20251.255.743
172967HB0=13 Sep, 20255.55.519
US127344973=20 Dec, 20252.17.332
US027980163=05 Jan, 20265.7955.465
US080295987=05 Jan, 20263.3146.421
172967NL1=17 Mar, 20263.295.691
172967NM9=17 Mar, 20262.9696.252
17290AAT7=29 Apr, 20264.06.027
US127343659=15 Jul, 20261.25.02
US127351350=31 Jul, 20262.656.465
17290AE55=09 Mar, 20272.4236.951
17290AFC9=15 Mar, 20272.95.881
17290AGE4=30 Mar, 20273.655.882
17290AEG1=01 Jun, 20272.8696.96
17290AJP6=16 Jun, 20274.355.868
17290AGH7=30 Jun, 20275.06.442
17290AK66=06 Jul, 20273.0827.058
US088846052=13 Feb, 20284.715
172967NS6=24 May, 20284.6585.342
US127344957=16 Jun, 20281.24.388
US127345287=18 Jun, 20281.25.934
17290AGF1=20 Apr, 20294.05.773
17290AMM9=29 Apr, 20294.55.85
17290ABX7=16 May, 20294.65.811
17290AD98=31 May, 20294.75.823
17290ALE8=15 Jun, 20294.55.801
US127344434=24 Aug, 20301.855.808
US127343977=16 Sep, 20301.945.842
17290AFT2=31 Mar, 20324.05.782
17290A4A5=18 May, 20325.05.868
17290A4K3=31 May, 20325.05.867
172967NN7=17 Mar, 20333.7855.548
172967NU1=24 May, 20334.915.367
US109616028=21 Aug, 2034
172967CT6=11 Dec, 20345.855.75
1730T0AK5=15 May, 20367.325
172967DS7=25 Aug, 20362.0748.53
172967EC1=29 May, 20375.8755.832
US127345155=19 Mar, 20404.767
172967HA2=13 Sep, 20436.6756.074
172967HE4=07 Nov, 20434.956.147
172967HS3=06 May, 20445.36.074
US127345252=23 May, 20475.107
US127346038=23 Jun, 20475.129
US127345040=26 Mar, 20485.156
US127345414=07 Mar, 20495.257
US127351201=18 Apr, 20495.328
US127345023=09 Aug, 20495.027
US127345457=19 Aug, 20494.888
XS127343861=1M26 Nov, 20494.32
US127344205=09 Apr, 20504.585
US127343764=14 Aug, 20504.48
US127344876=12 Mar, 20554.561
US127344264=09 Apr, 20554.691
US127344051=12 Jun, 20554.128
US127344043=19 May, 20554.654
US127344817=25 Jun, 20554.673
US211010304=21 Jan, 20564.602
US127345953=27 Jun, 20595.044
US127345074=08 Oct, 20594.85
US127345210=21 Jan, 20604.71
US127344302=30 Jan, 20604.721
US127344574=14 Feb, 20604.669
US127344833=18 Mar, 20604.583
US127344396=13 Mar, 20604.546
US127343721=22 Mar, 20604.753
US127344329=06 Apr, 20604.959
US127344272=08 Apr, 20604.831
US127345490=13 May, 20604.676
US127344159=16 Nov, 20604.496
US127344442=23 Feb, 20614.439
US127344175=23 Feb, 20614.445
172967AS0=15 Feb, 20986.8756.436

3.1 Time [Yrs Mo Days] and Yield to Maturity as on Jun 07, 2023

Short-Term Bonds

Short-Term Citigroup corporate bond yields (CUSIP: 17290A2W9), maturing in 1 year have increased from 7.64% to 7.95% in the past quarter. Over the same period, spread with treasury has increased 20 basis points.

CUSIPMaturityYld %Treasury %Spread %YTM Chng 3 Mo (bps)
17290A2W91 yr 20 d7.955.222.7321
17298CFE31 yr 7 mo 23 d7.495.032.4658
US127344973=2 yrs 6 mo 12 d7.334.72.6339
17298CEU82 mo 23 d7.035.012.0230
17290AJX9=1 yr 10 mo 18 d6.985.031.9439
17290AKC3=1 yr 11 mo 9 d6.935.031.945
17290AH60=1 yr 10 mo 12 d6.895.031.8639
17290AMY3=1 yr 10 mo 28 d6.885.031.8542
17290AC65=1 yr 11 mo 29 d6.885.031.8542
17290AKZ2=1 yr 11 mo 11 d6.855.031.8239
172967MB43 yrs 23 d6.734.72.0254
US127344582=1 yr 8 mo 18 d6.715.031.682
17290AE89=1 yr 10 mo 13 d6.675.031.6426
17298CHQ41 yr 6 mo 22 d6.55.031.47-56
US127351350=3 yrs 1 mo 23 d6.464.71.76-26
US080295987=2 yrs 6 mo 28 d6.424.71.7242
17298CJN92 yrs 11 d6.295.031.26-65
17290A4T4=2 yrs 16 d6.295.031.26-64
172967NR8=1 yr 11 mo 16 d6.265.031.2376
172967NM9=2 yrs 9 mo 9 d6.254.71.5542
172967MW81 yr 10 mo 23 d6.255.031.2260
17327CAP82 yrs 7 mo 17 d6.234.71.5366
17298CKE72 yrs 3 mo 22 d6.165.031.13-67
172967MX61 yr 10 mo 23 d6.165.031.13-17
17298CKQ02 yrs 4 mo 22 d6.125.031.09-63
17298CKS62 yrs 5 mo 10 d6.115.031.08-64
17298CHR22 yrs 7 mo 22 d6.14.71.39-59
17298CKZ02 yrs 7 mo 13 d6.14.71.39-63
17298CL892 yrs 7 mo 21 d6.094.71.39-63
17298CM962 yrs 11 mo 20 d6.094.71.39-43
17298CKV92 yrs 6 mo6.094.71.39-68
17298CLA42 yrs 8 mo 9 d6.084.71.37-60
172967MF51 yr 10 mo 16 d6.065.031.0215
17298CGZ53 yrs 11 d6.044.71.34-13
17298CLG12 yrs 9 mo 9 d6.044.71.34-60
17298CLP12 yrs 9 mo 23 d6.044.71.33-64
17298CBZ02 yrs 21 d6.035.031-11
US117942406=1 yr 7 mo 29 d6.035.031-15
17298C6K92 yrs 7 mo 21 d6.034.71.32-13
17290AAT7=2 yrs 10 mo 21 d6.034.71.32-59
17298CLR72 yrs 10 mo 12 d6.024.71.31-63
1730T07D51 yr 10 mo 19 d6.025.030.98-13
1730T3BC62 yrs 11 mo 7 d6.014.71.31-59
17298C3Y22 yrs 5 mo 9 d6.015.030.98-13
17298CBB31 yr 11 mo 12 d6.015.030.98-13
17298C3F32 yrs 4 mo 20 d6.015.030.98-13
17298CDA32 yrs 1 mo 30 d6.015.030.98-13
1730T05M71 yr 9 mo 1 d6.015.030.98-13
1730T06G91 yr 9 mo 22 d6.015.030.97-13
17298CAT51 yr 11 mo 19 d6.015.030.97-13
17298CAD01 yr 10 mo 22 d65.030.97-14
1730T04Y21 yr 8 mo 19 d65.030.97-13
1730T04K21 yr 8 mo 18 d65.030.97-13
17298CM392 yrs 11 mo 12 d5.994.71.29-59
17298CME53 yrs 7 d5.984.71.27-62
1730T3BW22 yrs 3 mo 7 d5.975.030.94-68
172967ND92 yrs 4 mo 26 d5.975.030.94-8
17290A3E83 yrs 23 d5.974.71.26-65
17290A2Y53 yrs 23 d5.974.71.26-62
172967NQ0=1 yr 11 mo 16 d5.955.030.9212
17290A2M13 yrs 1 mo 13 d5.954.71.25-59
17290A2T63 yrs 2 mo 19 d5.934.71.23-62
17298CLF33 yrs 2 mo 18 d5.934.71.22-62
17290A2F63 yrs 3 mo 8 d5.924.71.22-62
17290A2S83 yrs 3 mo 7 d5.924.71.22-62
17298CLZ93 yrs 4 mo 22 d5.894.71.19-61
17290AKJ83 yrs 4 mo 21 d5.894.71.19-58
17290ABR03 yrs 4 mo 21 d5.894.71.19-59
17290A3W83 yrs 5 mo 9 d5.894.71.18-61
1730T3BA02 yrs 11 mo 7 d5.844.71.13-49
1730T3BN23 yrs 1 mo 7 d5.794.71.09-49
US127333823=2 yrs 22 d5.745.030.71-23
172967NL1=2 yrs 9 mo 9 d5.694.70.99-18
172967HT1=1 yr 8 d5.655.220.43-15
172967MQ12 yrs 10 mo5.624.70.92-38
172967JT92 yrs 2 d5.595.030.56-17
172967HB0=2 yrs 3 mo 5 d5.525.030.49-18
172967JC63 yrs 5 mo 12 d5.54.70.8-18
US027980163=2 yrs 6 mo 28 d5.464.70.76
172967KY63 yrs 4 mo 13 d5.334.70.63-35
172967AQ41 yr 7 mo 4 d5.215.030.17
172967AL51 yr 11 mo 7 d5.155.030.12-46
172967KG52 yrs 7 mo 4 d5.114.70.41-48
US127343659=3 yrs 1 mo 7 d5.024.70.32-43

Medium-Term Bonds

Medium-Term Citigroup corporate bond yields (CUSIP: 17298CJ74), maturing in 6 years 8 months have increased from 7.21% to 7.59% in the past quarter. Over the same period, spread with treasury has increased 39 basis points.

CUSIPMaturityYld %Treasury %Spread %YTM Chng 3 Mo (bps)
17298CJ746 yrs 8 mo 24 d7.594.183.4138
17298CJ336 yrs 8 mo 20 d7.494.183.3139
172967NH04 yrs 8 mo 16 d6.584.332.2470
17298CG694 yrs 10 mo 23 d6.324.331.98-55
17298CGJ15 yrs 5 mo 22 d6.24.331.87-33
17298CGL65 yrs 5 mo 20 d6.134.331.79-13
17298CGD45 yrs 3 mo 18 d6.084.331.74-13
17298CG774 yrs 10 mo 23 d6.074.331.73-13
17298CG364 yrs 9 mo 21 d6.064.331.72-13
17298CAF56 yrs 11 mo 7 d6.054.181.86-13
17298CJ826 yrs 9 mo 12 d6.024.181.83-6
US127345287=5 yrs 10 d5.934.331.6
17298CG859 yrs 11 mo 7 d5.873.981.89-25
US127343977=7 yrs 3 mo 8 d5.844.181.66-10
17298CL714 yrs 7 mo 13 d5.824.331.48-47
17298CJC34 yrs 10 mo 13 d5.814.331.48-36
US127344434=7 yrs 2 mo 16 d5.814.181.62-10
17298CLH94 yrs 9 mo 8 d5.84.331.47-47
17298CLS54 yrs 10 mo 12 d5.84.331.47-46
17298CFA14 yrs 6 mo 19 d5.794.331.46-56
17298CH354 yrs 6 mo 23 d5.794.331.45-52
17298CLM85 yrs 3 mo 22 d5.784.331.45-45
17290AM985 yrs 4 mo 19 d5.774.331.44-45
17298CKX54 yrs 6 mo 15 d5.774.331.44-52
17298CLX45 yrs 4 mo 22 d5.774.331.44-45
17298CM475 yrs 5 mo 12 d5.774.331.44-45
17298CMA35 yrs 5 mo 20 d5.774.331.44-44
17298CHP66 yrs 6 mo 19 d5.754.181.57-38
17298CHW16 yrs 8 mo 16 d5.754.181.57-40
17298CHU56 yrs 7 mo 22 d5.754.181.56-40
17298CJD16 yrs 9 mo 30 d5.754.181.56-37
17298CJB56 yrs 10 mo 14 d5.754.181.56-29
17298CJ416 yrs 9 mo 23 d5.754.181.56-36
17290A2V16 yrs 7 mo 22 d5.744.181.56-40
17290AFB16 yrs 9 mo 8 d5.744.181.56-39
17298CFS29 yrs 7 mo 16 d5.743.981.76-22
17298CJE96 yrs 11 mo 12 d5.744.181.55-38
17298CJL37 yrs 11 d5.744.181.55-35
1730T32R37 yrs 2 mo 11 d5.734.181.55-25
17290AL247 yrs 3 mo 19 d5.734.181.54-36
17298CK727 yrs 2 mo 20 d5.724.181.54-37
17298CKY39 yrs 7 mo 13 d5.723.981.73-21
17298CK569 yrs 8 mo 20 d5.713.981.73-20
172967KU45 yrs 1 mo 17 d5.554.331.22-15
17327CAQ69 yrs 7 mo 17 d5.553.981.57-4
172967LD14 yrs 7 mo 2 d5.554.331.22-22
172967NN7=9 yrs 9 mo 9 d5.553.981.56-18
17308CC537 yrs 4 mo 28 d5.484.181.3-29
172967ME86 yrs 9 mo 12 d5.474.181.28-42
1730T3BR37 yrs 2 mo 7 d5.474.181.28-34
172967NU1=9 yrs 11 mo 16 d5.373.981.38-36
172967LP45 yrs 1 mo 16 d5.354.331.01-41
172967LS85 yrs 4 mo 19 d5.344.331.01-36
172967NS6=4 yrs 11 mo 16 d5.344.331.01-34
172967NG24 yrs 8 mo 16 d5.344.331-54
US088846052=4 yrs 8 mo 5 d4.714.330.38-46
US127344957=5 yrs 8 d4.394.330.06-149

3.2 Maturity and YTM

MaturityYield to Maturity %Yrs to Maturity
Jun to Dec 20235.49 to 22.690.02 to 0.51
Jan to Dec 20244.61 to 7.950.6 to 1.56
Jan to Dec 20255.14 to 7.491.58 to 2.53
Jan to Dec 20265.02 to 6.732.58 to 3.54
Jan to Dec 20274.9 to 7.493.59 to 4.56
Jan to Dec 20284.39 to 6.584.59 to 5.53
Jan to Dec 20294.9 to 7.015.62 to 6.55
Jan to Dec 20305.47 to 7.596.64 to 7.54
Jan to Dec 20315.44 to 7.847.62 to 8.54
Jan to Nov 20325.41 to 5.878.62 to 9.44
Jan to Dec 20335.37 to 5.879.62 to 10.53
Jan to Dec 20345.75 to 77.8410.64 to 11.56
Jan to Nov 20355.8 to 6.111.64 to 12.48
Jan to Dec 20365.48 to 8.712.62 to 13.55
Feb to Jun 20375.54 to 5.9313.68 to 14.0
Apr 2038614.82
Jan to Nov 20395.59 to 6.1515.63 to 16.47
Jan to Jun 20404.77 to 6.0516.65 to 17.02
Mar to Nov 20415.62 to 6.1717.79 to 18.47
Nov 20425.6119.4
Mar to Jun 20554.13 to 4.6931.76 to 32.05
Jan to Oct 20564.632.62 to 33.35
Jun to Nov 20594.85 to 5.4636.05 to 36.47
Jan to Nov 20604.5 to 4.9736.62 to 37.44
Jan to Feb 20614.44 to 4.4537.63 to 37.71
Jan to Feb 20624.6738.62 to 38.69
Feb 20986.4474.69

3.3 Citigroup Corporate Bonds Maturing in Upcoming Quarter

CUSIPDays to MatureLast PriceYield %YTM Chng 3 Mo (bps)


Citigroup (C: $48.14) keeps rising, up 4.1% in 3 days

Citigroup Inc.'s (NYSE: C $48.14) stock price extended its gains on Thursday, rising an additional 13.0c (0.3%) to close at $48.14. The shares have climbed $1.90 (4.1%) over the past three trading days, compared with the S&P 500 Index which rose 20.9 points (0.5%) in the three days for a relative price increase of 3.6%.

Citigroup Inc. is the NYSE's 4th largest Bank by market cap.

Cumulative volume in the 3 days was 0.7 times the average 3-day volume of 18.5 million shares. There were 9,300,000 shares worth $447.7 million traded today.

SECTION 5 Top Management

5.1 Top Management

Top Management [Six top executives with tenure < 5 yrs]

NameDesignationSince Appointment
Mark MasonChief Financial Officer4 Yrs, 4 Mos
Karen PeetzChief Administrative Officer3 Yrs, 5 Mos
Mary McNiffChief Compliance Officer3 Yrs
Brent McIntoshCorporate Secretary, General Counsel-
Johnbull OkparaChief Accounting Officer, Controller-
Zdenek TurekChief Risk Officer-

SECTION 6 Board of Directors

6.1 Board Of Directors

Board Of Directors [Three directors with tenure > 5 yrs]

NameSince Appointment
S. Leslie Ireland5 Yrs, 8 Mos
Diana L. Taylor18 Yrs, 5 Mos
Peter Blair Henry7 Yrs, 11 Mos

Board Of Directors [Eleven directors with tenure < 4 yrs]

NameDesignationSince Appointment
Jane FraserDirector2 Yrs, 5 Mos
Grace DaileyIndependent Director3 Yrs, 9 Mos
James S. TurleyDirector-
John C. DuganDirector-
Barbara DesoerDirector-
Kardis Phillip John IIIndependent Director-
Renee J. JamesIndependent Director-
von Koskull Casper WilhelmIndependent Director-
Ellen M. CostelloIndependent Director-
Duncan P. HennesIndependent Director-
Gary M. ReinerIndependent Director-



Short Stock Dashboard

+ Citigroup (C: $48.14) Market Cap $94 billion, Bank sector, P/E: 6, PV$1000 (1 yr): $1,019

7.2 Activities

Citigroup Inc. (Citi) is a global diversified financial services holding company whose businesses provide a range of financial services to consumer and corporate customers. On January 16, 2009, the Company announced a realignment, for management and reporting purposes, into two businesses: Citicorp, primarily comprised of the Company's Global Institutional Bank and the Company's international regional consumer banks; and Citi Holdings, primarily comprised of the Company's brokerage and asset management business, local consumer finance business, and a special asset pool. The Company operates in five business segments: global cards, consumer banking, institutional clients group (ICG), global wealth management (GWM) and corporate/other. It is the NYSE's 4th largest Bank by market capitalisation.

7.3 Contact Details

Physical Address399 Park Avenue, New York, NY,10022
Phone+1 212 559-1000

7.4 U.S. Industry & Sector [of 576 stocks]

Classification LevelName of Sector
Economic SectorFinancials
Business SectorBanking & Investment Services
Industry GroupBanking Services

7.5 North American Industry Classification System [NAICS]

Code: 523110

Industry Title: Investment Banking and Securities Dealing

ADVT: Average Daily Volume of shares Traded

Annual Return: Dividends Paid In a 12-Month Period/Price at the Beginning of the Period + Capital Gain or Loss over 1 Year/Price 1 Year Ago (%)

Banks Non-interest Income to Total Income: Non-Interest Income (Loan fees etc)/Total Income (Net Interest Income + Non-Interest Income)

Cash Burn: Net Operating Cashflow used in the past quarter. Shown for companies reporting losses

Cash Runway: Cash at end of Qtr/Cash Burn. Shown in months for companies reporting losses

Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities (times)

Dividend Yield: Dividend Per Share/Share Price (%)

Earnings Yield: Earnings Per Share/Share Price (%)

Income during the n years (3/2/1): Dividends received during the Period

Moving Average Price (n periods): Sum of Prices for each Period/Number of Periods

PCP: Previous Corresponding Period

PV1000: Present value of 1000 invested 1 year/'n' years ago

Price Close/Moving Avg Price: Latest Price/Moving Average Price

Price/Earnings: Share Price/Earnings Per Share (times)

Price/NTA: Closing Share Price/Net Tangible Assets Per Share (times)

Relative Price Change [RPC]: Relative price change is price change of stock with respect to Benchmark Index

Relative Strength (6 Months): Price close today/Price close 6 months ago, then ranked by percentile within the entire market.

Return on Assets: Net Profit/Total Assets (%)

Return on Equity (Shareholders' Funds): Net Profit/Net Assets (%)

TSR: Total Shareholder Returns is expressed as an annualized rate of return for shareholders after allowing for capital appreciation and dividend

TTM: Trailing 12 Months

Volatility: Highest Price minus Lowest Price/Lowest Price (%)

Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP): The Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) is the summation of turnover divided by total volume in the same period.


CUSIP: 172967DS7

RIC: 172967DS7=