Tanzania Portland Cement (TPCC:TZS1,980.0) down 10.0% for week 02 July 2020


Dateline: Thursday July 02, 2020

Tanzania Portland Cement Company Limited (DSE:TPCC), Tanzania's largest Cement & Concrete Manufacturing company by market cap, was unchanged after crashing 10.0% in the week ended Thursday, July 02. Compared with the Tanzania Share Index which fell 24.9 points (0.7%) in the past week, the relative price change for the week was -9.3%. Today's volume was 0.2 times the average trading volume of 3,997 shares. There were 665 shares worth TZS1.3 million (US$569) traded today.

Stock Summary

Currency1 USD = 2,320.19 TZSSectorCement & Concrete Manufacturing
Jul 02 closeTZS1,980.0Shares Outstanding179,923,100
Ave Daily Volume3,997 sharesMarket CapTZS356.2 billion [USD153.5 million]
52-Week Range1,900.00 - 2,300.00


SECTION 1 Corporate Profile

SECTION 2 Today's Bearish Signals

SECTION 3 Ongoing Bearish Parameters

SECTION 4 Ongoing Bullish Parameters

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SECTION 5 Peer Group Analysis & Ranking


SECTION 1 Corporate Profile

1.1 Activities

Tanzania Portland Cement manufactures, sells, and distributes cement products in Tanzia.

1.2 Contact Details

Physical AddressWazo Hill, Bagamoyo Road
Phone+255 (0) 22 2630130 / 5 2630713
Fax+255 (0) 22 2630139

1.3 Industry & Sector

Classification LevelName of Sector
Economic SectorBasic Materials
Business SectorMineral Resources
Industry GroupConstruction Materials
IndustryConstruction Materials
ActivityCement & Concrete Manufacturing

SECTION 2 Today's Bearish Signals

2.1 Momentum Down 10.0% Past Week

The price ranged between a low of 1,980.0 on Wednesday, Jul 01 and a high of 2,200.0 on Tuesday, Jun 30.

DayTanzania Portland CementClose price [TZS]Price change %Relative change %Comment
WednesdayContinues significant downtrend; plummets 10.0%1,980.0-10.0-9.3Week-low of 1,980.0 Steepest Fall; VI*=14.9
TuesdayCloses at 3.0% above VWAP2,200.000.0Week-high of 2,200.0
FridayCloses at 3.0% above VWAP2,200.000.0Price rise on beating relative strength
ThursdayCloses at 3.0% above VWAP2,200.000.0Price rise on beating relative strength
WednesdayTrades 2 days' volume in a day2,200.000.0VI*=1.98

[Volume Index (VI); 1 is average]

2.2 Rank in the bottom 19% by Price Performance in the Tanzanian market

1-month Price Change %-10.0In Bottom 19%

2.3 Downtrend

Beta < 1 combined with price fall. The Beta of the stock is 0.1.

Exponential Moving Average Price of 0.9:

- The price to 50-day EMAP ratio is 0.9, a bearish indicator. The 50-day EMAP has decreased to TZS2,145.35. A decrease is another bearish indicator.

SECTION 3 Ongoing Bearish Parameters

3.1 Annualised Period-based Total Shareholder Returns [TSR %]: The Worst Period with TSR < -0.9%

TSR %1 yr

3.2 Present Value of Sh1000 Invested in the Past [3 Mo, 1 Yr]; The Worst Periods with PVSh1000 < 991

PVSh1,0003 mo ago1 yr ago
Cement & Concrete Manufacturing sectorTZS916TZS991
Tanzania Share IndexTZS994TZS1,049

3.3 The Worst Periods [3 Mo, 1 Yr] with Price Change % < -0.9

1-Year price change of -1% for Tanzania Portland Cement underperformed the change of 4.9% in the Tanzania Share index for a relative price change of -5.9%.

Price Change %QuarterYear
Tanzania Portland Cement-9.2-1
Cement & Concrete Manufacturing sector-8.4-0.9
Tanzania Share index-0.64.9

3.4 Declining Volume, down 100% in 5 years

In the past five years, Average Daily Volume of Trading (ADVT) has decreased 99.6% to 3,997 shares.

Avg. Daily Volume Traded 12 months ended Jul 02, thousand shares


3.5 Declining VWAP, down 11% in 5 years

In the past five years Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) has decreased by 10.9% to TZS2,114.13. Based on a dynamic start date of five years ago, there have been declines in VWAP in 3 out of 5 years.

Past five years, 12 months ended Jul 02 (TZS)

YearHigh PriceVWAPLow Price

3.6 Declining share turnover, down 99% in 5 years

In the past five years, average daily share turnover has decreased 99.4% to TZS6.3 million (US$2,734). This suggests decreased liquidity.

Past five years, 12 months ended Jul 02 (TZS million)

YearAverage Daily Turnover

SECTION 4 Ongoing Bullish Parameters

4.1 Annualised Period-based Total Shareholder Returns [TSR %]: The Best Period with TSR > 18.5%

TSR %3 yrs

4.2 Present Value of Sh1000 Invested in the Past 3 Years; The Best Period with PVSh1000 > 1,678

PVSh1,0003 yrs ago
Cement & Concrete Manufacturing sectorTZS927
Tanzania Share IndexTZS938

4.3 Past 3 years: price rise of 36.5%

3-Year price change of 36.5% for Tanzania Portland Cement outperformed the change of -6.2% in the Tanzania Share index for a relative price change of 42.7%.

Price Change %3 Years
Tanzania Portland Cement36.5
Cement & Concrete Manufacturing sector-7.3
Tanzania Share index-6.2

4.4 Declining Days Untraded

Past five years, 12 months ended Jul 02

YearDays Untraded

The stock is thinly traded. Liquidity has improved from 137 Days Untraded five years ago to 68 days in the past year.


ADVT: Average Daily Volume of shares Traded

Moving Average Price (n periods): Sum of Prices for each Period/Number of Periods

PV1000: Present value of 1000 invested 1 year/'n' years ago

Relative Price Change [RPC]: Relative price change is price change of stock with respect to Benchmark Index

Relative Strength (6 Months): Price close today/Price close 6 months ago, then ranked by percentile within the entire market.

Return on Equity (Shareholders' Funds): Net Profit/Net Assets (%)

TSR: Total Shareholder Returns is expressed as an annualized rate of return for shareholders after allowing for capital appreciation and dividend

Turnover Rate: value of annual trading volume as a percentage of market capitalisation

Volume Index (VI): Number of shares traded in the period/Average number of shares traded for the period

Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP): The Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) is the summation of turnover divided by total volume in the same period.

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