Magdalena Martullo-Blocher of EMS-Chemie in top 11% of Large MCap CEO Scorecard for past quarter 19 September 2020


Magdalena Martullo-Blocher's performance as CEO of EMS-Chemie is ranked in the top 11% of BuySellSignals Large MCap performers for the past quarter; a percentile ranking of 89.7. The shares were up 24.5% in CHF terms for the quarter ended September 18, 2020. In USD terms the price rise was 33%.


SECTION 1 Biography: Magdalena Martullo-Blocher

SECTION 2 EMS-Chemie: Corporate Profile

SECTION 3 EMS-Chemie: Price Performance Scorecard

SECTION 4 Financials and Growth Performance Scorecard

SECTION 5 EMS-Chemie: Size and Global Rank

SECTION 1 Biography: Magdalena Martullo-Blocher, CEO

Name: Magdalena Martullo-Blocher

Position: Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors Chief Executive Officer

Nationality: Swiss citizen

Date of birth: August 13, 1969

Academic title: Master of Business Administration, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland Professional career

Magdalena Martullo is major shareholder, Executive Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of the EMS Group. She joined EMS in 2001 and took command of the Group in 2004 when her father was elected to the Bundesrat (federal council) of the Swiss Government and sold his shares to his four children. Due to her shareholding in the EMESTA HOLDING AG, she is today majority shareholder in the EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG together with her sister Rahel Blocher. Magdalena Martullo graduated at the Hochschule St. Gallen (HSG) in Business Administration. Before joining the EMS Group she held different positions with Rivella AG and Johnson&Johnson AG as well as various other positions in Switzerland and abroad. Since 2004 she has been a member of the Executive Board of scienceindustries, the Swiss Business Association for Chemistry Pharma Biotech, where she leads the Board Committee on Economic Policy.

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SECTION 2 EMS-Chemie: Corporate Profile

2.1 EMS-Chemie Activities

EMS-Chemie Holding AG is active worldwide in the business areas Performance Polymers and Fine Chemicals/Engineering.

2.2 Other directors of EMS-Chemie

Magdalena Martullo-Blocher, Chief Executive Officer

Ulf Berg, Chairman

2.3 EMSN Stock Summary

Currency1 CHF = 1.1 $
Sep 18 closeCHF861.0
Ave Daily Volume30,629 shares
52-Week Range484.22 - 861.00
Dividend Yield2.3%
Shares Outstanding23,389,028
Market CapCHF20.1 billion [$22.2 billion]

SECTION 3 EMS-Chemie: Price Performance Scorecard (Swiss:EMSN):

3.1 Total Shareholder Returns [TSR] (Past 10 years)

EMS-Chemie is ranked in the top 3% of BuySellSignals performers for the past ten years; a percentile ranking of 97. In the last 10 years the average annualized return to shareholders was 25.8%. The 10-year average return is ranked 1,038 out of 54,767 public companies traded globally. A nine-bagger, the present value of US$1,000 (PV1000) invested 10 years ago is now worth $9,912; a capital gain of $7,287 and dividend reinvested of $1,626.

3.2 Annualised Period-based Total Shareholder Returns [TSR %]: The Best Periods with TSR > 16.1%

TSR %1 yr3 yrs5 yrs10 yrs

3.3 Moving Annual Return of 47.9% in the past year:

Moving Annual Return was 47.9% in the past year. Based on a dynamic start date of 5 years ago, the real rate of return has averaged 24.2%. The Moving Annual Return has been positive in 4 of the last 5 years.

EMSNClose (CHF)Dividends (CHF)Capital Gain / (Loss) %% YieldAnnual Return %
Sep 188612044.53.447.9
1 Yr ago595.7719.753.23.46.7
2 Yrs ago577.0718.5(3.5)3.1(0.4)
3 Yrs ago597.711729.93.733.6
4 Yrs ago460.0515294.233.2

Close 5 years ago CHF356.64

3.4 Present Value of CHF1000 invested in the past

The present value of CHF1000 invested a year ago is CHF1,482

Swiss Market Index SMI Price Index1,0101,0291,052

SECTION 4 EMS-Chemie: Financials and Growth Performance Scorecard (Swiss:EMSN):

SECTION 5 EMS-Chemie: Size and Global Rank (Swiss:EMSN):

5.1 Rank in the top 16% by Size in the Swiss market

MCap$22.2 billionIn Top 10%
Ave daily TurnoverCHF31.3 million ($34.5 million)In Top 16%

5.2 Global Rank

Global Rank [out of 47,197 stocks]

MCap (US$)14.7B985Top
Total Assets (US$)2.2B6,779Top
Revenue (US$)2.3B3,985Top
Net Profit (US$)521.3M1,829Top
Return on Equity %31.81,405Top
Net Profit Margin %22.55,234Top
Price to Book9.433,993Third
Price Earnings28.516,815Second
Yield %3.110,477Top
PV$1000 (1Year) US$*1,2478,557Top
US$* Change (1Year) %21.58,739Top
Rel Strength 6 Mo (US$)828,692Top

* 1 year ago CHF 1 = USD 1.01

Oct 14, 2019: CHF 1 equals USD 1.0041

5.3 Rank in the top 19% by Price Performance in the Swiss market

PV1000 [1 yr] $1,618In Top 10%
Price/MAP501.08In Top 17%
1-month Price Change %6.7In Top 19%

EMS-Chemie Holding AG

ISIN: CH0016440353

PermID: 4295890779