End of Day Alert: Canadian Natural Resources (CNQ: CAD85.10) offers dividend yield of 4.2% 25 September 2023


Canadian Natural Resources Limited (TSX: CNQ CAD85.10) ranks 20 in the Top 20 by dividend yielding stocks in the S&P/TSX 60 Index of 54 stocks.

Canadian Natural Resources Limited is Canada's largest Oil & gas - exploration & production company by market cap.

Past 12 months DPS: CAD3.55;

Last price: CAD85.10; Dividend yield: 4.2%;

The dividend yield of 4.2% is 1.1 times the triple-A bond yield of 3.7%.;


The shares decreased 2.7% in the 7 trading sessions since the ex-dividend date of September 14. The company paid a dividend of 90.0c per share. Based on dividends of CAD3.55 per share for the trailing twelve months and the last price of CAD85.10 the dividend yield is 4.2%.

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Canadian Natural Resources Limited (T:CNQ; TSE:CNQ; N:CNQ; CN:CNQ)

ISIN: CA1363851017

PermID: 4295861598

CIK: Canadian Natural Resources Limited

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