Topical Trading Reports

This is a record of the previous fortnight’s topical Trading Reports. They are selected daily from the headline corporate news published in the world’s leading financial news platforms. How has a morning news story affected the trading price or status of a company? Our end of day Trading Report shows you.

15 January 2019 CVS Health loses $US1.6 billion in MCap, steepest heavyweight fall in Health care sector Read More
15 January 2019 Ennis falls for a fourth consecutive day, a four-day fall of 4.8% Read More
15 January 2019 Eaton Vance in 2nd consecutive rise, institutional shareholder Gateway Investment Advisers LLC buys Read More
15 January 2019 Invesco up 2.4% in 2 days Read More
15 January 2019 Citigroup accelerates rise, institutional shareholder Spirit of America Management Corp, NY buys Read More
15 January 2019 AT&T falls for a second consecutive day, institutional shareholder Beech Hill Advisors, Inc. sells Read More