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Stock Reports

Our Stock Reports provide detailed end-of-day news and analysis on each and every stock that trades.

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Stock Reports are an end-of-day summary of the Price/Volume of trading in a Company’s Stocks in the day, including price changes, closing price, traded volume and comparison with the Index. A short Related News Section picks up key items from the day.

The Stock Report targets the day and the action. Its cutting-edge proprietary algorithms analyse the day’s events against hundreds of different data sources collected over more than a decade. Advanced NLG gives the facts in plain speech, well supported by tabular displays. It puts the day in clear context, keeps the discerning reader accurately informed and helps make sense of increasingly complex markets. Reports are published in XML, fully tagged, and will normally be between 3 and 9 pages in length, depending upon the Company’s location, profile and status. .

Bombardier Class B in bottom 1% performers of S&P/TSX 60 Index in past month

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Our Alerts are twice-daily news updates that summarise the Top Movers’ price volume action in morning and afternoon trading periods.

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These responsive Alerts include important technical and fundamental indicators for each stock that traditional alerts fail to report. Our cutting-edge algorithms recognise and identify strong and influential variables in the Top Movers. For publishers, this is an accessible and informative addition to your news feed offering actionable e information about unusual market moves and trends.

End of Day Alert: Sberbank of Russia up 2.5% in 2 days

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Research Reports

Our Research Reports are published in PDF with rich graphics. They provide detailed, comprehensive analysis and a rating on each stock as well as an evaluation based on fundamental and technical measures.

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Research Reports are published quarterly as standard, within hours of a Company’s quarterly accounts release. A linked XML summary is available, which includes the primary tagging and the key opening paragraph. Because we keep our Research Reports updated at all times, they can be released whenever or as frequently as the customer wishes. Special versions exist for daily or monthly release. Coverage is global, of all listed Stocks at all MCap levels. These are comprehensive reports that contain large amounts of information and may be as much as 100 pages long, or as little as 20, depending upon the Company’s location, profile and status. They are particularly useful for individuals researching and tracking specific stocks.

People in Business

This is a news service that provides up-to-date and relevant information and analysis of the performance of senior management teams of listed companies around the world.

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The PIB reports provide concrete facts on companies’ senior management teams. As well as biographical and background details and renumeration information (where available), these reports also contain management scorecards. A detailed commentary on the financial performance of the company during their tenure, including stock price fluctuations, is also included. The report further contains directors’ trading and other activities, appointments and anniversaries. Please note: PIB reports are currently only available in Europe and the USA. More geographies will be added soon.

Pascal Niquille CEO of Zuger Kantonalbank in top 16% of publicly traded companies

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Private Company Reports

Our Private Company Reports provide detailed information on businesses which aren’t traded on public exchanges.

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Currently, we cover about 65,000 Private Companies from 34 countries. We are steadily building up our cover. The articles vary in response to the data available. Triggers are broadly the companies’ own Releases, which we supplement with our research on its corporate profile, including its activities, ID and contacts, its Financials (where disclosed), its recent previous releases over a trailing period (dependent upon the number) and its top management. Dependent upon the data available, the reports will vary between 4 and 20 pages. They are available as XML or, in just over 50% of the cases, in PDF (with XML synopsis available). The reports are tagged and the companies identified positively by PermID (in about 40% of the cases), by our own ID and by National registration numbers.

January 17, 2020: CAST Adds Switched TSN Endpoint Controller to Time-Sensitive Networking Ethernet IP Cores Family

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Bond Reports

Our detailed Bond Reports provide a detailed analysis of the bond market.

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The reports cover corporate, sovereign and municipal Bonds. Our advanced proprietary algorithms collate hundreds of different data sources and top price volume indicators whilst also constantly scanning the market data streams for new information which may have an affect on the specific Bond. Each Bond Report details why it was triggered, gives details of the Bond’s issue, maturity, spread, coupon and dates, and outlines any relative valuation indicators. Price downtrend or yield uptrend are given, as well as PV1000 and CAGR growth.

Australia Treasury 10-Year bond rises for a second consecutive day, a two-day rise of 0.6% [Implied Yield falls to 1.168%]

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ETF Reports

Our ETF and OEIC Reports provide a comprehensive analysis of the open and closed-ended Fund market.

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Available in the UK alone there are more than 2,000 Unit Trusts and OEICs (Open-Ended Investment Companies). They invest in different asset classes, investment themes or geographical regions, depending on the remit of the Fund. Our intensive research gives past performance, credit rating, top holdings, charges (AMC) and a summary of the aims of the Fund in clear Reports that save the investor hours of research. Similarly, Investment Trusts (Exchange-Traded) are covered in depth to portray any relevant price movement, including bullish and bearish signals and PV1000, to give relative performance indicators and to display any recent earnings release or other news that effects the price. The reports also include an assessment of key valuation metrics, which indicate over- or under-valuation.

China Merchants SZSE TMT50 Total Return Index ETF closes at 5.4% above VWP

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Monthly Stock Reviews

Monthly Stock Reviews are published in XML format. They are designed to provide the client with a definitive monthly resource on the status of every listed company traded in the world.

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These Reviews are carefully designed to include the information necessary to ascertain the status of the subject company each month. They will normally be between 15 and 40 pages in length, depending upon the Company’s location, profile and status. Coverage is global. The Reviews are kept updated and may be released more often where the client wishes more frequent updates or in case of unusual trading or events worthy of attention. As an updating information resource, each is designed to overwrite the previous issue. The text generated is clear and simple to read and is well supported by tabular displays; the Review is issued in XML to assist machine tracking also. Each Review is fully tagged.

Stock Review: Prudential increases on rising relative strength

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