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Cover World Stock Markets with our Data

NewsBites Finance provides unrivalled coverage of global stock market trading for internal and external use by both buy side and sell side players and advisers.

We’ve done the basics – so you can leverage your client service by tapping into our enriched data feed. And it can be tailored for your purposes.

To enhance your data set and delivery, browse our content offers below and build a data feed to your custom requirements.

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Content offers

Leading Automated

Our revolutionary and unrivalled algorithms allow you to receive information on hundreds of securities and markets with ease at a cost that won’t break the bank.

NewsBites Finance’ thousands of daily reports are sourced from official stock exchange information and official company releases. Our data is quality assured by active, continual monitoring and analysis of all information feeds by our expert team of analysts and scientists. Reports are assembled by numerous triggers utilising proprietary indicators and innovative algorithms. A comprehensive and easily-digestible analysis of any exchange-traded instrument’s market position is provided. Our unique report generation is unmatched.

Our information is updated, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and always within an hour of markets closing.

Make the Complicated straight-forward

Our state-of-the-art Advanced Natural Language Generation software converts comprehensive and complex datasets into easy to understand written language.

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White Label Your Reports

Our reports and alerts are delivered in eXtensibile Markup Language (XML) allowing you to present them however you desire. We provide ‘unlabelled’ material for you to display however you wish.

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Build Customised Reports that Work for You

Choose what is reported and how you want it presented. Our fully customisable reports allow you to build a report that works for you and your business.

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