People In Business

People In Business (PIB) is a news service that provides information and analysis of the performance of senior management of listed companies globally.

These reports provide concrete facts on companies’ senior management (such as CEOs and directors). As well as biographical details and remuneration (where available), these reports also contain management scorecards, and commentary on the financial performance of the company during their tenure, including how stock prices have behaved during their tenure at a company. The reports also include directors’ trading and other activities, appointments, anniversaries and anniversaries.

Initial coverage is Europe and the USA with further geographies to be added.

What is unique about News Bites Finance People In Business Reports?

You get not just a biographical sketch but the hard numerical data on where these corporate figures have taken their businesses.

Sample reports

UK - People in Business - latest  

US Nasdaq - People in Business - latest  

US NYSE - People in Business - latest  

Australia - People in Business - latest  

Germany - People in Business - latest