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Afternoon Alert: Evertz Technologies hits 52-week low second time in six months 20 June 2018 14:43 EDT


Evertz Technologies Limited (TSX:ET) hit a 52-week low of CAD15.88 earlier today for the second time in the past six months, but later rebounded higher to CAD16.28. Trading volume was 4.1 times average so far today.

Current indications of bearish signals that support the trend in the unusual trading:

+ The negative 0.14 MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) indicator suggests a bearish signal.

+ The 2.5% premium to 12-month low of CAD15.88 against the 15.8% discount to high of CAD19.33 suggests the stock continues to push for new lows.

+ The stock has underperformed 76% of the Canadian market over the past 6 months.

Fundamental measures by comparison with the sector average [in brackets] indicate:


+ Price/Sales of 3.2 [2.8]

Other Bearish Signals include:

+ Tobin's Q Ratio is 3. Compared with the rest of the market the stock is overvalued and ranks in the bottom quartile of stocks by value of Q Ratio.


Bullish Signals:

Interest cover is less leveraged at 387.6 times.

Total Liabilities/EBITDA of 0.9 is comfortably below the Joseph Piotroski benchmark of <5.

Net profit margin has averaged 18.3% in the last 3 years. This is considered superior and suggests a high margin of safety.

Revenue growth has shown signs of recovery in recent quarters.

Fundamental measures by comparison with the sector average [in brackets] indicate:


Dividend yield of 4.4% [1.1%]

Evertz Technologies Limited (T:ET; TSE:ET; N:ET; CN:ET)

ISIN: CA30041N1078

PermID: 4295862112

CIK: Evertz Technologies Limited