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Afternoon Alert: Ibnsina Pharma in 5th consecutive rise, nears two-month high 22 April 2018 12:10 EET


Ibnsina Pharma Co (CA:ISPH) extended its gains Sunday, rising an additional 28.0 qirsh (or 2.6%) to trade at LE11.0. The stock lifted 3.6% on Wednesday and 3.57% on Thursday bringing its 5-day rise to 12.2%. It is now approaching its 49-day high of LE11.19. The stock was listed on Nov 8.

SECTION 1: The past week

Current indications of bullish signals that support the trend in the unusual trading

1.1 At a glance

Weekly: Ibnsina Pharma in its biggest weekly gain in 3 weeks April 19, 2018 14:30 EET

Ibnsina Pharma Co (CA:ISPH), Egypt's 2nd largest Healthcare and pharmaceuticals company by market cap, has climbed 71.0 qirsh (or 7.1%) in the past week to close at LE10.72. In the past week the shares have climbed 7.1%, the biggest weekly gain since April 05, 2018. Compared with the EGX 30 Index which rose 165.3 points (or 0.9%) in the week, this represented a relative price increase of 6.2%. The volume was 0.6 times average trading per week of 15 million shares. In the past week the market cap has risen LE477.1 million (US$27 million). The stock was listed on Nov 8.

1.2 5-day Recap

Ibnsina Pharma outperformed the EGX 30 index in 3 out of 5 days.

DayHeadlineClose price [EGP]Price change %Relative change %Comment
ThursdayIbnsina Pharma in 4th consecutive rise, nears two-month high10.723.63.2
WednesdayIbnsina Pharma continues significant uptrend; lifts 3.6%10.353.64.2Top Rise
TuesdayIbnsina Pharma increases9.990.8-0.3
MondayIbnsina Pharma increases 1.1%9.911.10.9


DayHeadlineClose price [EGP]Price change %Relative change %Comment
SundayIbnsina Pharma drops 2.1%9.8-2.1-2.2Steepest Fall

SECTION 2: Ranking

DescriptionValueRank In Market
MCap $US million418.2In Top Quartile
1-month Range (in LE)8.9-11.2
Today's Volatility %4.3In Bottom Quartile

SECTION 3: Recent News of Ibnsina Pharma

April 17: April 24: Listing Ibnsina Pharma capital hike shares

ArabFinance: The Listing Committee held on April 17, approved listing the issued capital increase of Ibnsina Pharma (ISPH) to LE180.5 million from LE168 million with increase amounting to LE12,500,000.

The capital hike will be through distribution over 50,000,000 shares, at par value of LE0.25 per share.

April 15: Ibnsina Pharma submits listing capital hike documents - EGX says

ArabFinance: EGX administration announced on April 15 that Ibnsina Pharma (ISPH) submitted Listing issued and paid capital hike documents to LE180,500,000 from LE168 with increase amounting to LE12,500,000.

The capital hike will be through distribution over 50,000,000 shares, at par value of LE0.25 per share.

April 03: Ibnsina Pharma won't distribute profits for 2017

ArabFinance: Ibnsina Pharma (ISPH) announced in a statement sent to EGX, the general assembly was convened on April 2.

The OGM approved the profits distribution suggestion for the fiscal year ending 2017, as the company won't distribute profits over shareholders.


April 03: Pharos Research sets Ibnsina fair value at LE15/share

ArabFinance: Pharos Research sets Ibnsina Pharma (ISPH) fair value at LE15 per share by using Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) model with a valuation gap of 57%.

Superior growth story; Provides best exposure to Egypt's pharma sector

Since its inception over 17 years ago (2001), IbnSina Pharma (ISPH) has proven to be the fastest-growing pharmaceutical distributor in the Egyptian market for the last 6-7 years and the second largest market player for the past 4-5 years with a market share of 19.2% in 2017 from a mere 9.9% in 2009.

March 28: Ibnsina Pharma forecasts investing LE170 m in current year

ArabFinance: Ibnsina Pharma (ISPH) announced the harvest of the capital increase that amounted LE290 million. It added in a statement sent to Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX), the capital hike has been recorded in commercial register, while the shares will be listed on Misr For Central Clearing, Depository & Registry, and EGX.

Ibnsina Pharma Co (CA:ISPH; CAI:ISPH; EY:ISPH)

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