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June 24, 2017: Bay City Television, Inc.: Standoff following fatal shooting in National City ends after 8 hours


A standoff between National City police and an armed homicide suspect barricaded in a home ended Saturday after nearly 9 hours, as the suspect exited the home and was taken into custody.

Two people were killed, and there was possibly a second shooting victim, prompting evacuation orders for neighboring homes.

Officers responded at 9:30 a.m. to the 1000 block of East Eighth Street and immediately called for back-up from Chula Vista police, the California Highway Patrol and the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, according to a dispatcher with the National City Police Department.

"Please be aware of active homicide investigation with barricaded person in the 900-1200 block of East Eighth Street," according to a tweet by the NCPD. "Instructions: Please evacuate if possible."

East Eighth Street and some surrounding streets were blocked off and a SWAT team has a duplex surrounded, according to Officer Thomas Wilkins of the NCPD. The person barricaded in the home is believed to be a male.






Bay City Television, Inc. owns and operates XETV television channel. The company was incorporated in 1953 and is based in San Diego, California. Bay City Television, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Televisindependiente de Mco, S.A. de C.V.



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June 25, 2017: Bay City Television, Inc.: Pedestrian struck and killed by car in San Marcos

A 30-year-old man who was hit by a car in San Marcos while jaywalking Saturday morning died in a hospital, according to San Diego County sheriff's officials.

The crash happened at 4:48 a.m. at West Mission Avenue and South Santa Fe Avenue, according to Deputy Yvan Rogers.

A 52-year-old woman was driving her 1989 Mazda 626 northbound on South Santa Fe Avenue as the pedestrian was crossing the street mid-block, Rogers said.

"The Mazda struck the pedestrian and came to a stop a short distance away," Rogers said. "The pedestrian was still attached to the Mazda when deputies and the fire department arrived."

San Marcos Fire Department personnel took the victim by ambulance to Palomar Medical Center where he died. Alcohol does not appear to be a factor in the collision, according to deputies.

The sheriff's San Marcos Traffic Division is conducting the investigation

June 25, 2017: Bay City Television, Inc.: Authorities: Texas mom left 2 kids in hot car as punishment

A Texas woman told investigators that she left her 2-year-old daughter and 16-month-old son in a hot car where they died last month to teach the girl a lesson and that they didn't lock themselves in, as she initially reported, according to sheriff's officials.

Cynthia Marie Randolph, 24, was being held Saturday on two counts of causing serious bodily injury to a child. It wasn't clear if she had an attorney - online jail records didn't list one for her - and she doesn't have a listed phone number.

According to the criminal complaint, Randolph initially told investigators she was inside her rural home west of Fort Worth folding laundry and watching TV on May 26 while the children were playing on the enclosed back porch. She said when she noticed they were no longer there, she went looking for them and found them about a half-hour later locked in the car. The children were unresponsive and Randolph said she broke a window to gain entry. Temperatures that day reached into the mid-90s.

At the time Randolph said the kids were exposed to the extreme temperatures in the car for "no more than an hour." But her account of that day changed over the course of several interviews with investigators until she acknowledged on Friday that she left them in the car intentionally, the Parker County Sheriff's Office said in a news release. She told investigators that she found the kids playing in the car and when the 2-year-old refused to get out, she shut the door to teach her a lesson, thinking her daughter could get herself and her brother out of the vehicle when ready.

Randolph said she went back into the house, smoked marijuana and took a nap for two or three hours, the complaint states. It says that when she woke up and went to check on the children, they were unresponsive, and that she broke the car window to support her initial claim that the children had locked themselves inside.

The children were pronounced dead about a half-hour after authorities were notified.

Authorities declined to discuss the case Saturday.

June 25, 2017: Bay City Television, Inc.: Oceanside boy missing from Irvine found safe in Mission Viejo Target store

OCEANSIDE (NEWS 8/CNS) - A 12-year-old Oceanside boy who went missing from a Kaiser hospital in Irvine was found safe Saturday morning in Mission Viejo and turned over to a family member, according to Irvine police.

Michael Edward Roman was seen on surveillance video leaving the hospital at 6670 Alton Parkway alone and headed toward the street at 10:50 a.m. Friday.

He was found just after 8 a.m. on Saturday at a Target store where a loss prevention employee recognized him from a missing flyer posted on social media.

The boy has no friends or family in the area, his family told Irvine police. It wasn't clear why Michael was in the hospital.

June 24, 2017: Bay City Television, Inc.: Women caught on camera stealing out of mailboxes in Rancho Penasquitos

Home surveillance cameras captured two women stealing mail right out people's mailboxes in a Rancho Penasquitos neighborhood this week.

While the women were captured on surveillance cameras, one resident was able to capture the pair on a cellphone - in one instance one of the women making an obscene gesture.

The thieves can be seen on video nonchalantly opening mailboxes, stuffing mail in a bag and walking away.

"It was really disconcerting to see them stealing your personal stuff - it's like walking into your front door," said Gwen Gordon, who had her mail stolen.

Gwen told News 8 the incident took place Monday, the day she was expecting a check in the mail. "I actually had to have a check canceled," she said.

As news spread of the thefts, the postal inspector contacted another Rancho Penasquitos' resident, Nina Krosch, to check her cameras.

"I actually got a call from the postal inspector on my business like. I was like what is this? Is this a prank call? They were so casual about it, it was actually surprised," she said.

By Wednesday, neighbors believe the same women returned and stole from mailboxes on Texana Street and Iscoma Street.

This time, area resident Suzy Taylor was ready.

"For me it was disturbing it happened in my front yard. You definitely know when something is not right," she said.

Suzy used her cellphone to capture the women the thieves in the act.

"It's better to be citizens that report the crimes and try to help prevent them," she said.

Suzy captured the suspected mail thieves take off in a black sun damaged Honda Accord. One of the word making an obscene hand gesture as they drove away.

"My goal is just to get the message out that you have to protect yourself. Get a locking mailbox in this neighborhood," said Suzy.

Previously, Suzy and Gwen had been victims of fraud and since then the pair each got locked mailboxes.

The pair is now working to protect their neighbors.

"It's good to know that your neighbors are watching out for you," said Gordon.

Mail theft is a federal offense and if convicted carries a five years in prison sentenced and a $250,000 fine.

June 23, 2017: Bay City Television, Inc.: California AG bans state travel to Texas, 3 other states

California's attorney general blocked state-funded travel to Texas and three other states on Thursday in response to what he considers anti-LGBT rights laws enacted this year.

Democratic Attorney General Xavier Becerra added Texas, Alabama, South Dakota and Kentucky to the list of places where state employee travel is restricted. Lawmakers passed legislation last year banning non-essential travel to states with laws that discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. North Carolina, Kansas, Mississippi and Tennessee are already on the list.

California taxpayers' money "will not be used to let people travel to states who chose to discriminate," Becerra said.

It's unclear what practical effect California's travel ban will have. The state law contains exemptions for some trips, such as travel needed to enforce California law and to honor contracts made before 2017. Travel to conferences or out-of-state trainings are examples of trips that could be blocked. Becerra's office couldn't provide information about how often state employees have visited the newly banned states.

Texas was added to the list because of a law that lets child welfare organizations deny services and adoptions to families because of "sincerely held religious beliefs" that Becerra's office says would allow LGBT discrimination. Similar laws were enacted in Alabama and South Dakota. Kentucky's new law could allow LGBT discrimination in schools, according to Becerra's office.

"California may be able to stop their state employees, but they can't stop all the businesses that are fleeing over taxation and regulation and relocating to Texas," said John Wittman, a spokesman for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican.

Fresno State, a public California university, is scheduled to play football against the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa this fall. A request for a legal opinion on whether public university sports' travel is exempt from the ban has been filed with Becerra's office, but no ruling has been issued.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey's press office did not have an immediate comment.

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