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September 21, 2018: Vegware Ltd: Composting infrastructure webinar this Monday


Confused about composting? Keen to understand recycling infrastructure for compostable packaging?

Join a free webinar this Monday 24th September at 3pm UK time, to hear presentations from industry experts including technical experts from the trade association representing the composting facilities. Our Communications Director Lucy will be speaking about UK access to commercial composting. The webinar is hosted by the Bio-based and Biodegradable Industries Association (BBIA).

If you listen live, you can put your own questions to the panel.

Organics recycling and infrastructure webinar


David Newman, Bio-based and Biodegradable Industries Association

Andy Sweetman, Futamura

Emily Nichols, REA's Organics Recycling Group

Lucy Frankel, Vegware

Charlie Trousdell, REA's Organics Recycling Group

The webinar will cover subjects such as:

recycling options for compostables in the UK

industry roadmap for compostable materials

the challenges with plastics recycling

contamination in recycling systems ' plastics, bioplastics, and compost quality

the value of compost

Register for free here. You can also watch it later. We look forward to hearing your questions!









Vegware Ltd engages in the development, manufacture, and distribution of eco friendly food packaging and catering disposables made from renewable or recycled materials in Europe and North America. Its products include cutlery knives, forks, and spoons made from corn and potato starch; compostable corn starch sampling/ice-cream spoons; cassava tableware, such as plates, bowls, and cups made from cassava starch; and fiber tableware, including plates and bowls made from a mix of natural fibers, such as bagasse. The company also provides cold cups made from corn starch; hot cups; deli containers made from corn starch; sandwich wedges made from unbleached card; takeaway boxes made from bagasse; paper board cartons for hot and cold food; Kraft board carry packs; recycled and unbleached napkins; compostable film bags and sheets; recycled paper carrier bags; and biodegradable custom-branded meal kits. It uses renewable or recycled materials, such as paper, plastic, and Styrofoam. In addition, it offers mixed food and packaging waste collection services. The company offers its products online. Vegware Ltd. was incorporated in 2007 and is based in Edinburg, the United Kingdom. It has operations in Edinburgh, the United Kingdom; and Danielson, Connecticut.


Employees: About 51

Fiscal Year End: 31 Jan 2016

PermID: 5000466060


Industry: Containers and Packaging


September 20: Breaking news! UK Parliament to dramatically reduce plastic use through Vegware compostable products

The UK Parliament will be replacing their single-use plastic food and drink packaging with plant-based Vegware. These products include our certified compostable cutlery, coffee cups and lids, soup containers, takeaway food containers, salad boxes, and drinking straws.

As part of this sustainable switch, Parliament will be introducing new waste bins to capture the used compostable disposables, which will then be sent to an in-vessel composting facility. The used Vegware will first be shredded, and the composting process will start by naturally occurring micro-organisms already in the waste. The process results in high-quality compost being produced that is fit for any garden.

Eilidh Brunton, Vegware's Group Recycling Consultant, said:

"The UK Parliament choosing and composting Vegware is the highest accolade for compostable disposables as a practical recycling solution in foodservice. It's an exemplar of best practice, breathing life into circular economy principals, composting biowaste here in the UK to enrich British soils. We are delighted to be a part of this collaboration."

Compostable products are just one of many measures announced this year by Parliament, with the aim of eliminating single-use avoidable plastics from both Houses by 2019.

August 13: Tis the season to pre-order your Vegware 2018 Christmas cups!

Back by popular demand, our penguin Christmas jumper cups return for the 2018 holiday season. Available in 8, 12 and 16oz, our festive double wall hot cups are made from sustainably-sourced board with a lining made from plants, not plastic.

Perfect for all your seasonal hot chocolates and drinks, the range is available with compostable lids for a complete eco-friendly option this holiday season.

To ensure customers have all they need for the most wonderful time of year, please pre-order your cups by Friday, 19th October. Orders after this date will be filled while stocks last.

All requests and enquiries can be sent to Order today to avoid disappointment!

Code Product Case count

VDW-8-XM2017 8oz double wall penguin jumper cup, 79-Series 500

VDW-12-XM2017 12oz double wall penguin jumper cup, 89-Series 500

VDW-16-XM2017 16oz double wall penguin jumper cup, 89-Series 400

Source: Company Website


September 07: Vegware Ltd: We've been nominated for a Food Made Good Award

We're happy to announce we've been nominated for the Best Supplier Award at the upcoming Food Made Good Awards.

Hosted by the Sustainable Restaurant Association, the Food Made Good Awards are an annual celebration of everything that is great about the food-service industry.

We've been nominated for our Close the Loop initiative, a waste collection service for Vegware customers throughout Scotland which ensures their compostable packaging and food waste is collected for composting.

The 2017 Food Made Good Awards will take place on the 5th of October at the Royal Horticultural Halls in London.

Source: Company Website

September 06: Vegware Ltd: We've been shortlisted for the UK Packaging Awards 2017

Our creative team has been nominated for Design Team of the Year at the upcoming 2017 UK Packaging Awards.

Taking place on the 22 November at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London, Vegware's creative team has been recognised for its various innovative design projects over the past year.

Communicating Vegware's key sustainable messages alongside slick designs, these projects included our 'All about Vegware' animation, new Leaf Band range for Vegware Packaging Inc in the US, Christmas cups, 'We use Vegware' poster range and bin signage designs.

Source: Company Website


September 07: Vegware Ltd: Our new composting collection in Scotland

Vegware's compostable packaging is designed to be recycled together with food waste. Now we're making recycling simple, launching our own collection service.

Close the Loop is a waste collection service for Vegware customers throughout Scotland's Central Belt, ensuring their compostable packaging and food waste is collected for composting.

Our new service will provide a simple zero waste solution for Scotland's foodservice industry. With collections in the Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Falkirk areas, all collected Vegware and food waste will be composted outside Glasgow at Blantyre. Catering waste will help feed Scottish fields; with high-grade compost created in just a matter of weeks.

The service is flexible for customers: there are no contract tie-ins, users can choose their own collection days and they can cancel or add collections with just 24 hours' notice. We also provide a clean bin with every collection. To make Close the Loop even more of a success we're also offering expert support in the form of free staff training and bin signage.

Source: Company Website


5.1 Previous VEGWARE LTD Patent title:

Issue DateIssuing OfficePatent TitlePatent Number
Oct 10, 2017US PTOSliding lid for food container9,783,345

5.2 Previous VEGWARE LTD Patent abstract:

October 10, 2017 Vegware Ltd issued new U.S. patent [9,783,345]


A sliding lid for a food container which has first and second flanged edge portions on opposing sides of its opening. The sliding lid includes a main lid panel with first and second flange-receiving channels configured to slidably receive the flanged edge portions of the food container from an open position, in which the opening of the container is uncovered, to a closed position, in which the main lid panel covers the opening of the container. The first and second flange-receiving channels are configured to retain the lid on the container. The sliding lid may include a backstop provided between the two flange-receiving channels and configured to restrict further sliding of the lid beyond the closed position. The sliding lid may include a front flap which can be sealed onto the container to further restrict sliding of the lid.

PermID: 5000466060

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