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June 20, 2018: Scots urged to 'top up from the tap' with Scottish Water


Scotland's world-class drinking water will be celebrated today (20 June 2018), as a campaign is launched to encourage people to carry a refillable bottle and top up from the tap.

The 'Your Water, Your life' campaign, aims to make 'tap' the first choice of Scotland's water drinkers, for the environment, their health and their pocket.

Research reveals 73 per cent of people in Scotland mostly drink tap water, however less than a third (31 per cent) drink tap water from a reusable bottle when they're away from home1.

Scottish Water ' which delivers more than a billion litres of clean, fresh water every day to customers - will highlight the benefits of hydrating with tap water on the go by topping up refillable bottles from Scotland's first pop-up water bar in Glasgow's George Square.

As the TV and radio campaign gets underway, businesses all over Scotland will also be encouraged to help make it easy for people to top up from the tap by offering access to tap water in their premises.

Scottish Water Chief Executive Douglas Millican said: 'Today, we're calling on our five million customers to help us create a positive shift in the way tap water is consumed in Scotland.

'The benefits of topping up with fresh, great tasting Scottish tap water are clear. It's good for the pocket, good for the environment and good for your health.

'By prompting Scotland's water drinkers to refill reusable bottles from the tap, our hope is that more and more people take advantage of the world-class drinking water they have at their fingertips, every day.

'We'll also be encouraging businesses to play their part, by proactively offering tap water in their premises, so the option of topping up becomes common place and makes refilling on the go easier.'

Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham said: 'This is a fantastic campaign which fits in with our work to reduce Scotland's dependence on single use plastic and is raising awareness of the health benefits of drinking more tap water, which is excellent in quality and value.

'We would encourage people to make the switch to reusable bottles if they can as it will help protect the environment and can save money. This campaign also builds on our commitments to tackle our throwaway culture as we are the first part of the UK to commit to a deposit return scheme.'

A Scottish Water scientific super taster, Sarah Sinclair, who is part of a team who perform taste tests on water samples from across Scotland to ensure the delivery of a premium, high-quality product, will be on hand and Scottish band Dancing on Tables, whose track 'Oh' features in the campaign will perform live.

Water samples from across Scotland are tested every two minutes to ensure the quality of Scotland's tap water remains high.

Sarah said: 'People comment frequently on the quality of Scottish water and especially its taste and drinkability. It's something people are really proud of. Our job is to ensure Scottish Water customers have ready access to the best water possible. Although different places have slightly different tap water, the thing that unites all of our samples is the clear, fresh taste that you can only get from Scottish water. I'm sure the more people drink it, the more they'll appreciate it.'

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FY2016 Annual Report: Scottish Water Horizons Ltd profits hit by 32.9% fall

Major changes compared with previous year:

Favourable Changes:

Total liabilities to Total assets down 8.8% from 0.7 to 0.6

Fixed Assets to Total Assets up from 55% to 61.4%

Total non-current assets to Total Assets up from 55% to 61.4%

Cash to Total Assets up from 22% to 23.1%

Unfavourable Changes:

Net profit slumps 32.9% from GBP1.7m ($US2.5m) to GBP1.1m ($US1.6m)

EBIT Margin down from 11.1% to 8.7%

EBIT to total assets down from 9.5% to 6.6%

Total revenue to total assets down from 0.9 to 0.8

Cost of Goods Sold to Sales up from 73.5% to 77.5%

Sales and marketing expenses to Sales up from 11.7% to 16.9%

Profit before tax to Sales down from 11.1% to 8.7%

Working capital to total assets down from 12.4% to 10.8%

Total current assets to Total Assets down from 45% to 38.6%

Total Liabilities to EBITDA of 9.3 compares unfavourably with the Joseph Piotroski benchmark of <5. This ratio has deteriorated by 31.5% from the previous year's ratio of 7.1.


Tax expenses to Sales down from 1.5% to 1.4%

Current ratio steady at 1.4


Company Name : Scottish Water Horizons Ltd.
March 312016201520162015Change
DescriptionGBP mGBP m$US m$US m(%)
Sales Revenue15.617.722.426.2Down 11.9
EBITDA1.4222.9Down 30.9
EBIT1.4222.9Down 30.9
Pre-Tax Profit/(Loss)1.4222.9Down 30.9
Profit/(Loss) after Tax1. 32.9
Working Capital2. 13
Current Assets7.99.311.413.8Down 14.9
Current Liabilities5.76.78.210Down 15.6
Shareholders' Funds7.86.711.29.9Up 17.1
Total Liabilities12.71418.220.7Down 9.1
Total Assets20.520.629.530.5Down 0.6
Cash and cash equivalents4. 4.4

March 3120162015Change (%)
Performance Ratios
Return on Equity (%)14.625.6Down 43
Return on Assets (%)5.68.3Down 32.5
Total Liabilities to EBITDA9.37.1Up 31.5
Total Liabilities/Total Assets0.60.7Down 8.8
Current Ratio (Up 0.7% from 1.38 to 1.39)1.41.4Up 0.7
Common Size Ratios by Assets %
Fixed Assets to Total Assets 61.4 55.0 Up 11.7
Total non-current assets to Total Assets 61.4 55.0 Up 11.7
Total current assets to Total Assets 38.6 45.0 Down 14.3
Cash to Total Assets 23.1 22.0 Up 5.1
Common Size Ratios by Sales %
Cost of Goods Sold to Sales 77.5 73.5 Up 5.5
Sales and marketing expenses to Sales 16.9 11.7 Up 44.2
Profit before tax to Sales 8.7 11.1 Down 21.7
Tax expenses to Sales 1.4 1.5 Down 4.8

Currency Conversion (March 31, 2016): $US1 = GBP0.7

Currency Conversion (March 31, 2015): $US1 = GBP0.68



Scottish Water Horizons Ltd provides water and waste water services to households and business customers. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Dunfermline, United Kingdom.


Employees: About 56

Fiscal Year End: 31 Mar 2016

PermID: 5032306829


Industry: Water Utilities


April 30: Scottish Water announces world-class digital partnership

A new strategic digital partnership has been announced which will place technology and innovation at the heart of Scotland's water supply and waste water management.

Within an ever-changing digital landscape where customer expectations are higher than ever, Scottish Water will work with Capgemini and Atos to deliver IT services which will provide technology solutions to help the utility manage its country-wide activities.

The announcement of the new five-year partnership was made after a rigorous competitive tendering and procurement process.

Rob Mustard, Scottish Water's Director of Digital, said: "To ensure that Scottish Water continues to deliver in an ever changing world, we are delighted to be entering into an exciting new technological landscape with world-class digital partners. We want our networks and systems to be as reliable, resilient and as secure in a world where digital technology has become the cornerstone of everyday life for billions of people.

"Data, information, analysis, digital applications and processes are critical to how we deliver 1.35 billion litres of water a day and treat 945 million litres of waste water. They are key elements of how we continue to play a vital role in the life of millions of customers - at home, in business and at play - every day, around the clock.

"Our partnership with Capgemini and Atos will see both companies working in a fully integrated manner within Scottish Water through our Digital Directorate. Our new approach will improve not only how we use technology to produce and deliver water but also enhance our customer insight to ensure what we do is as effective as possible and that communities continue to get the best possible service, of which they can be truly proud.

"As we continue to consider the future of water and waste water services over the next 25 years, through the Shaping the Future public consultation, it's clear that being a digitally-enabled organisation will underpin our performance.

February 21: Scottish Water Horizons Ltd: Young Glasgow swimmers celebrates with Olympic and Commonwealth athlete

Olympic, World, Commonwealth, and European medallist Duncan Scott joined children from across Glasgow today (Wednesday 21 February) to celebrate the success and expansion of Glasgow Sport's Learn to Swim programme, delivered in partnership with Scottish Swimming and Scottish Water.

Glasgow Sport was among the first leisure trusts to adopt the Framework, which has been rolled out across all 12 swimming pools in the city, meaning more than 6,000 children are benefitting from swimming lessons.

Gathering in Tollcross International Swimming Pool - the site of Duncan's silver medal win in the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games - around 50 children currently enrolled in the Learn to Swim programme had the opportunity to meet the Olympic athlete, and ask him some burning questions of their own.

Duncan, taking time out from his final training preparations ahead of the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia, joined in a swimming lesson with the children and was heartened to see how well the pupils took to the water.

He said: "Tollcross is a very special place for a swimmer and has been the venue for some memorable races for me. It's great to see so many youngsters here on what is the start of their swimming journey. The National Learn to Swim programme is progressive so who knows, in a few years' time, some of these children could be back here racing for medals at local, national or even international events."

Councillor David McDonald, Chair of Glasgow Life and Depute Leader of Glasgow City Council, said: "Since adopting the Learn to Swim Framework in 2016, Glasgow Sport has almost doubled the number of children taking part in swimming lessons across the city. Swimming is such a vital life skill that can be overlooked or taken for granted, and we're so happy to play our part in making sure thousands of children in Glasgow learn the importance of swimming from a young age.

"Our Learn to Swim programme ensures more than 60 people are employed to deliver lessons in our 12 pools across the city; from the teachers themselves, to the co-ordinators who make it all happen.

"It's also quite special to think we are inspiring the next generation - and one of the children here today could go on to mirror Duncan's success and bring more medal glory to Scotland."

With an estimated 40% of children still unable to swim by the time they leave primary school, there has never been a more crucial time to roll out Scottish Swimming's National Framework for Swimming in Scotland.


June 19: Scottish Water Horizons Ltd: Customers in Stornoway asked to use water wisely

Scottish Water is asking customers in Stornoway to use their water wisely as a result of prolonged dry weather in the area.

The dry conditions have caused lower than normal water levels in Loch Mor an Stairr, which supplies Stornoway Water Treatment Works (WTW).

As a result, Scottish Water will supplement this with water from nearby Loch Scarabhat Mhor.

Against this backdrop, the utility is encouraging customers served by Stornoway WTW to take simple water efficiency measures to help maintain continued supplies to homes and businesses.

Stornoway WTW serves domestic properties and businesses in Stornoway and on the Eye peninsula.

Simple steps customers can take to use water efficiently include:

Turning off the tap when brushing teeth and shaving

Taking a shorter shower

Using your washing machine and dishwasher fully loaded

Boiling the kettle with only the water you need

Using a bucket of water instead of a hose to wash your car

and using a watering can instead of a hose to water gardens and plants

Scottish Water is also asking businesses to consider their usage and how they can use water more efficiently.

Peter Farrer, Scottish Water's chief operating officer, said: "We are encouraging everyone living and working locally to take simple steps to use water wisely.

June 15: Scottish Water Horizons Ltd: Dundee schoolkids get chance to hear about how they can help the cycle campaign

A group of primary schoolkids from Dundee got the chance to hear about how they can help protect their environment in the future, and keep the water cycle moving.

The pupils from the primary 4 and primary 6a classes at Rowantree Primary School in the city heard about the work of Scottish Water, through a talk and interactive session.

Clive Duncan, Corporate Affairs Officer at Scottish Water, was on hand to give the kids an insight into where their water comes from, and how they can help their local environment by following some simple rules.

Clive said:

'I love getting the chance to speak to kids about the work we do, and about what they can do to help the environment, by following our 3 p's rule. The kids love the props and interaction and are engaged with the work Scottish Water do. They were enthused and asked some great questions, showing how much they care about the environment. The talk was invaluable and the children leave eager to pass on what they've learned to their parents and family. They help spread the message about our cycle campaign and the work we do to help care for the environment.'

Miss. Wilson, primary teacher from Rowantree Primary said:

'It was great to have Clive here to speak to the children, and the water bottles given to each of them were gratefully received.

June 15: Scottish Water Horizons Ltd: Customers in Moray asked to use water wisely

Scottish Water is asking customers in Moray to use their water wisely as a result of prolonged dry weather in the area.

The dry conditions, despite some recent rainfall, and increased demand in the area have led to the utility encouraging customers served by the Badentinan Water Treatment Works (WTW) to take simple water efficiency measures to ensure continued supply to homes and businesses.

Badentinan WTW serves domestic properties and businesses in the Elgin, Kinloss, Forres, Burghead, Lossiemouth, Rothes, Fochabers, Dufftown and Craigellachie areas.

Simple steps customers can take to use water efficiently include:

Turning off the tap when brushing teeth and shaving

Taking a shorter shower

Using your washing machine and dishwasher fully loaded

Boiling the kettle with only the water you need

Using a bucket of water instead of a hose to wash your car

and using a watering can instead of a hose to water gardens and plants

Scottish Water is also asking businesses to consider their usage and what they can cut back on or use more efficiently.

Peter Farrer, Scottish Water's chief operating officer, said: "We are encouraging everyone living and working locally to take simple steps to use water wisely.

June 15: Scottish Water Horizons Ltd: Information event in Milngavie ahead of major investment

Scottish Water is holding an information event in Milngavie to enable local people to meet members of a team which will deliver a multi-million pound project to improve services to thousands of customers.

Preparatory work is continuing ahead of the investment and, to enable customers in the Milngavie area to find out more about it and meet representatives from Scottish Water and its alliance partner Caledonia Water Alliance (CWA), an information event will be held at:

Milngavie Town Hall, 71 Station Road, Milngavie on Thursday June 28 between 3pm and 7pm.

Customers are welcome to attend during these times to discuss the project, view plans and raise any issues with the project team.

Details of the project, which is due to start later this year, will be issued in due course.

Source: Company Website

June 14: Scottish Water sewer upgrade project in Arbroath

Sewer upgrade work due to get underway in Arbroath this summer has been postponed until later this year following consultation with the local community.

The Pound700,000 project, being carried out by Scottish Water's alliance partner amey-Black & Veatch (aBV), will see a new control kiosk built and an upgrade of the existing pumping station at Old Shore Head in the town.

The work has been split into two phases, the first of which was carried out last month.

The second phase was due to start on the 2nd July and last for around 9 weeks, however, after feedback from the local community this has been postponed until September.

Clive Duncan from Scottish Water said:

'In preparing for this work we have held regular information events to ensure we keep the community updated and to listen to our customers' feedback so we can make efforts to keep disruption to a minimum. Recent feedback reflected that it would be better for the community if the second phase of work could be deferred until after the busy summer period.

'We are grateful for the local community's feedback throughout the planning stages and look forward to working with them when the second phase of work begins in September.'

Meanwhile Scottish Water contractors Kier will be carrying out unrelated sewer repair work in Arbroath, starting next week.

These emergency repairs will take place on a section of the High Street, beginning on Monday 18th June and lasting for approximately 5 days.

The location of the work will mean a road closure will be required in High Street, between Hill Street and the entrance to the public car park north of John Street.

June 12: Scottish Water Horizons Ltd: New Lochmaddy Water Treatment Works set for journey west

The key element of a Pound15 million investment in the future water supply for North Uist and Berneray is set to start its journey west next week.

The new Water Treatment Works which will serve the islands has been designed, built and tested by Ross-shire Engineering using the latest technology at its specialised facility in Muir of Ord.

The Transportable Treatment Unit (TTU) is now being dismantled into 12 modules which, together with a 150 tonne crane, will make the 128 mile journey by road to Uig in Skye in 6 convoys over the next 3 weeks. From Uig they will make the crossing by CalMac ferry to Lochmaddy, before completing the short onward journey to their permanent home.

Each convoy will have a police escort as it makes its way to Uig via the A832, the A9, the A82 and the A87. The first two convoys are set to depart from Muir of Ord at 9am on Monday 18 June and on Thursday 21 June.

Scottish Water project manager, Anoushka Ainslie-McAlpine, said:

'These deliveries represent an exciting milestone for this project which, once complete, will see a single, improved water supply in place for Scottish Water's customers across North Uist and Berneray.

'The way in which this project is being delivered is a great example of Scottish Water and Ross-shire Engineering working together in an innovative way to deliver lasting benefits for customers.

'Assembling and testing the Water Treatment Works under factory conditions offers major advantages compared with a much longer, more complex and less controlled traditional construction method on site.

'Working closely with the police and our specialist haulage contractor, we will do all we can to keep any delays for road users to a minimum.

June 12: Scottish Water Horizons Ltd: Next generation Scottish Water JetVac set to boost customer response for the Western Isles

Scottish Water has introduced a next generation, custom built high performance jetting and vacuum vehicle to improve its capacity to respond to waste water issues across the Western Isles.

The new Pound250,000 HGV, which is based in Stornoway, means the islands now have a dedicated large capacity JetVac to resolve sewer blockages and to maintain waste water treatment works.

A full sleeper cab allows drivers to attend incidents all over the islands at any time of day or night without having to worry about accommodation.

In addition, the HGV has a number of health and safety features built in, such as an ultrasonic and camera vehicle safety system, a heated PPE locker and adaptive cruise control.

Scott McColm, Vehicle Replacement Manager at Scottish Water, said:

'This new vehicle allows us to react faster and more flexibly when responding to larger sewer blockage incidents on the Western Isles, with increases in both operational performance and capacity.

'The vehicle has significantly improved jetting and vacuum capabilities which will mean we can tackle large, stubborn blockages more easily while also providing high quality in-vehicle sleeping and welfare facilities for our drivers in those instances when they could be far from home or working outside normal hours.'

He added:

'The health and safety features of the vehicle will also make it safer for our operatives and for other road users.

June 11: Scottish Water Horizons Ltd: Road Closure As Earlston Water Upgrade Progresses

From the 18th June Mill Road over the Leader Water to the junction of Blainslie Road will be closed to all traffic for around two days.

From the 20th June work will begin on Blainslie Road, this work will involve a road closure from the junction of the A68 to the junction of Mill Road for around six weeks. Residents access will be maintained for the properties within both closure areas.

The road closures form part of Scottish Water's Pound4m investment to install a 7km new water mains pipe from Newstead to Earlston.

Scott Fraser, regional corporate affairs manager at Scottish Water, said: 'We apologise to customers affected by these essential closures and endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum. The project aims to improve overall drinking water quality and ensure that customers in the Borders continue to enjoy clear, fresh drinking water now and in the future.

Barclay Smart, CWA's project manager said: 'So far we have installed over 2km of new mains and are on track to complete the work by October. As part of the project and to increase efficiency our alliance partner Caledonia Water Alliance (CWA) is using a technique called horizontal directional drilling to install the main.

'This method is a minimal impact trenchless method of installing underground pipe and means less road surface has to be excavated to install the water main.


Douglas Millican, CEO

Douglas was appointed as Chief Executive on 1st February 2013 following a period as Interim Chief Executive from October 2012.

Douglas had previously been Finance and Regulation Director since Scottish Water was formed in April 2002. He was formerly with East of Scotland Water, initially as Financial Controller and latterly as Commercial Director.

Prior to this, he worked with Price Waterhouse and Tyco. He is a Chartered Accountant with a BCom from the University of Edinburgh and is an Associate Member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers.

Peter Farrer, Chief Operating Officer

Peter was formerly Customer Service Delivery Director and prior to that, General Manager of Business and Asset Planning.

Prior to this, Peter was General Manager of Operations and has held various other operational and engineering roles within Scottish Water's predecessor organisations, East of Scotland Water and Lothian Water and Drainage.

He has 29 years experience in the water industry since graduating from Heriot Watt University as a Civil Engineer in 1984. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer, gained an MBA from the Edinburgh Business School in 2001 and is a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers and a Vice President of the Institute of Customer Service.

PermID: 5032306829

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