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January 16, 2018: Pop-A-Shot & CPC Strategy Increase Amazon Sales 971% in One Month


How do you bring a long-standing brand to the Amazon Marketplace?

Better yet - how do you revamp a 35 year old product, launch on the Amazon Marketplace and increase sales 971.67% in one month?

Oh, and did we mention this all happened during Q4 - when competition on the Marketplace is at an all time high?

Even for the most vigorous risk-takers, this sounds like an impossible task.

But not for Tony Stucker, an online advertiser turned Silicon Valley entrepreneur who teamed up with CPC Strategy in October 2017 to launch Pop-A-Shot's new and improved basketball product on Amazon.









At CPC Strategy, we understand the evolution of online shopping is driven by on-demand convenience and personalization. As a thought leader in the retail search industry, we implement performance growth on shopping channels that directly impact a retailer's digital bottom line.




January 12: CPC Strategy: 6 Signs You Should Outsource AdWords Management

No matter how many new channels emerge, brands and retailers are still flocking to AdWords.

Last year, Google claimed 44% of all global online ad revenue.

We've helped brands reach +400% increases in transactions from Google Shopping and Search ads-and don't even get us started on the magic that happens when search and social ads work together.

Unfortunately, as brands grow their marketing channels, it often falls on the marketing director or manager to oversee multiple retail search channels. That strategy doesn't just drain time, it also drains money.

Whether you inherited a brand or retailer's neglected Adwords account, or your in-house team hit a plateau and needs some fresh eyes, it might be time to look outside your company for expert help.

Here are a few ways to tell it's time to collaborate with an AdWords agency.

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January 16: Pop-A-Shot & CPC Strategy Increase Amazon Sales 971% in One Month

How do you bring a long-standing brand to the Amazon Marketplace?

Better yet - how do you revamp a 35 year old product, launch on the Amazon Marketplace and increase sales 971.67% in one month?

Oh, and did we mention this all happened during Q4 - when competition on the Marketplace is at an all time high?

Even for the most vigorous risk-takers, this sounds like an impossible task.

But not for Tony Stucker, an online advertiser turned Silicon Valley entrepreneur who teamed up with CPC Strategy in October 2017 to launch Pop-A-Shot's new and improved basketball product on Amazon.

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January 15: CPC Strategy: Facebook Limits Content From Businesses: Should Advertisers Be Worried

Over the next few months, Facebook will be updating the way they rank content in their News Feed - and it's likely to have a pretty big impact on advertisers.

According to the announcement, Facebook will prioritize posts from friends and family over public content:

"Because space in the News Feed is limited, showing more posts from friends and family and updates that spark conversation means we'll show less public content, including videos and other posts from publishers or businesses."

As we make these updates, Pages may see their reach, video watch time and referral traffic decrease. The impact will vary from Page to Page, driven by factors including the type of content they produce and how people interact with it."

"Pages making posts that people generally don't react to or comment on could see the biggest decreases in distribution. Pages whose posts prompt conversations between friends will see less of an effect."

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January 12: CPC Strategy: 2018 Fashion Survey: How Shoppers Will Browse and Buy Clothing

In CPC Strategy's latest study, we asked 1500 U.S. Shoppers how and why they buy clothes online, so you can incorporate these findings into your performance marketing strategy.

Of course, no conversation about selling online would be complete without mention of Amazon-and they come up a lot.

If there's one thing this survey shows, it's that 2018 will be a year of change for apparel retailers and brands. The 2018 U.S. Forecast on Apparel Shopping Trends

This Apparel survey wasn't supposed to revolve around Amazon-but as with most ecommerce conversations, Amazon is at the center.

Historically, Amazon struggled to display clothing in an easy-to-browse manner (even eBay did a better job). And up to this point, they've failed to gain high fashion labels who state the bargain platform "does not fit with [their] brands."

However, this survey hints that Amazon may have finally hit their stride in a few key apparel sectors.

Cowen & Co. predict Amazon will sell $28 billion worth of clothing in 2018, and others have predicted that Amazon's apparel sales could reach $85 billion by 2020.

In this survey, we'll explore data that shows where Amazon's winning at apparel, where bricks-and mortar still have the upper hand, and how retailers and brands can compete.

January 10: Is Enhanced CPC Good or Bad For Your Shopping Campaigns

While we tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to automation strategies and techniques - we have seen some pretty significant success with the latest version of Google's Enhanced CPC feature - specifically for our Shopping campaigns. Introduction of Google's Enhanced CPC

Enhanced CPC (also known as ECPC) looks for ad auctions that are more likely to lead to conversions, and then raises your max CPC bid (after applying any bid adjustments you've set) to compete harder for those clicks.

According to Google, if a click seems less likely to convert, AdWords will lower your bid. ECPC will try to keep your average CPC below the max CPC you set (including bid adjustments), but may exceed your max CPC for short periods of time.

enhanced cpc

For example, if you sell baseball caps on your site, and you've set your max CPC for US$1, and you have ECPC bidding turned on.

If the AdWords system sees an auction that looks likely to lead someone to buy caps on your site, it might set your bid to US$1.35 for that auction.

If ECPC sees another auction that looks unlikely to lead to a sale, it might lower your bid to US$0.25 for that auction.

Although ECPC as a bidding strategy within Adwords has been available for a couple years now, Google recently came out with an updated version for Shopping in 2017 and later rolled out an update for Search / Display.


October 12: Events Calendar: CPC Strategy: The Results Are In: Must-Attend 2018 Conferences for Digital Marketers

As a digital marketer, although you can sign up for webinars and read countless blog articles, there's nothing quite like having that information consolidated in a single place and hearing about it from the industry's leading professionals.

Conferences are an important part of the ecommerce world, so we decided to ask our community: "Which Conferences Are You Planning to Attend in 2018?" More than 500 people responded to our survey, and the results were pretty surprising. Let's dive in.

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September 21: Events Calendar: CPC Strategy: Top 9 Conferences for Amazon Sellers in 2018

Those who follow the internet retail industry are well-aware of the potential marketplace Amazon presents to both high-volume vendors and first-time business owners.

While there are many ways-including webinars, blogs, news sites, and peer forums to stay educated on the latest issues and concerns for Amazon sellers-the sheer amount of information and sources can be difficult to parse.

Conferences are an essential way for vendors to stay up to date on the latest trends and gain mastery of the techniques necessary to refine their strategies and expand their sales.

While the Amazon conferences in 2017 are mostly over, we have a lot to look forward to in 2018.

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July 11: Social Media Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Manually setting up and maintaining a full marketing plan is not just archaic-it's also not scalable.

Third party developers have been hard at work creating and releasing powerful tools and platform management options that can help automate processes, gather influencer research, and grow your following.

We've broken down our favorite social media marketing tools below into four categories:

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June 20: Events Calendar: CPC Strategy: Top Social Media Conferences for Retailers [2017-2018]

That's a lot of competition for retailers and brands, and other social ad platforms such as Snapchat are on the rise.

It can be tough to keep up with all of the changes on social media ad platforms, let alone compete for valuable feed space.

The biggest problem, however, is far less conspicuous. It's when you fall prey to day-to-day tasks and forget the bigger picture. That's how you fall behind.

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May 30: CPC Strategy: 3 New Google Machine Learning Features For Advertisers

Last week, Google unveiled a variety of new innovations for ads, Analytics and Doubleclick at their annual Google Marketing Next event.

The biggest theme - "machine learning" continues to be a hot trend among PPC professionals and advertisers.

According to Google, machine learning technology is critical to helping marketers analyze countless signals in real time and reach consumers with more useful ads at the right moments.

FREE GUIDE: The Google Shopping Guide 2017

We sat down with Lewis Brannon, Paid Search Manager at CPC Strategy to discuss the 3 biggest announcements from Google's team and how we anticipate these new features will impact advertisers.

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Rick Backus, CEO & Co-Founder

Rick has spent his entire professional life in the world of online retail. Before co-founding CPC Strategy in 2007, he worked with a price comparison site, Today, Rick is focused on growth opportunities and keeping CPC Strategy ahead of its competitors by constantly evolving and improving the online experiences of clients. In addition to being an active member of EO San Diego, he is happily married and enjoying the perks of fatherhood.

Nii A. Ahene, Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

Nii is a leading example of the core values CPC Strategy represents. The Berkeley alumnus is responsible for managing the day-to-day activities as well as long term financial, tactical, and strategic planning of the organization. Prior to CPC Strategy, Nii was a product manager at eBay working directly with algorithmic merchandising, reviews and guides. In his free time he enjoys mentoring emerging entrepreneurs through involvement on the Executive Board of the Corporate Affiliates Program at the USCD Jacobs School of Engineering and the Lavin VentureStart Program at San Diego State University.

Liz Barhydt, Controller

Liz grew up in New York and Maryland. She attended Wake Forest University, where she received a BS in Finance and MS Accounting. She is a total foodie and loves hot yoga. One thing she does miss about the East Coast is dancing in the rain and the thunderstorms.

William Parris, Co-Founder & Vice President of Accounts

William is the VP of Account Management, responsible for client retention and development. A graduate of UCLA, William began his business career at He transitioned to his current position at CPCStrategy in January of 2007 and now helps manage a portfolio of 200+ clients and the entire AM department. In his spare time, he obsesses over University of Michigan football, classic cars, tattoos, and is often found wreaking havoc on Call of Duty!

Katen Johal, Vice President of Sales

Katen Raj works on all things Business Development. He is charged with scaling the company, bringing on new business and building partnerships the CPC Strategy brand can count on. Katen graduated from the University of California San Diego with Bachelor's degrees in Economics and Psychology. He enjoys good company, good conversation and a well fitted suit.

Brianne Kennedy, Human Resources Manager

As Human Resources Manager, Brianne is the head of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition for CPC Strategy. With over 10 years of HR experience, Brianne is passionate about her role as an employee champion and human capital strategist for the organization. Outside of the office, you can find Brianne being dragged to Dog Beach by her two dogs, training for her next race or endlessly scrolling through interior design blogs for inspiration.

David Weichel, Vice President of Product Development

David lives and breathes PPC marketing. We seriously think he's developed some strange sort of paid-search gills that support his affinity for all things PPC related. David's been invited to speak at conferences on various topics, ranging from advanced schema markup to Google Shopping PLAs and long tail PPC strategies for retailers.

Tien Nguyen, Director of Technology

Tien's entrepreneurial spirits began back when he was starting high school, where he created several websites that focused on computer hardware and software reviews. He graduated UCLA with a degree in mathematics and economics where he met his roommate, CEO Rick Backus, and along with his high school friend Nii Ahene went on to found CPC Strategy as the VP of Technology. In his spare time, he roots for his alma mater and Oakland sports teams with his dog, and has made a hobby out of photography.

Jeff Coleman, Vice President-Marketplace Channels

Jeff has been with CPC Strategy since February 2009. He graduated from the University of California San Diego with degrees in Economics and Psychology. He currently oversees the Structured Data Department and CPC Training Program. He also founded CPC University- a program dedicated to ensuring that our entire team is on the cutting edge of retail search strategies. When he's not investing time with his CPC family, he enjoys being with his adorable daughter, Annabelle.

Josh Brisco, Manager-Retail Search Operations

Josh was born and raised in Tucson Arizona until the age of 18 when he moved to San Diego to attend the University of San Diego. During his time at USD he played on the Football team and was voted team captain his senior season.

Jon Gregoire, Director of Demand Generation

Jon Gregoire is the Director of Demand Generation at CPC Strategy. Jon heads up email marketing, content strategy, co-marketing, and revenue cycle efficiency. A UC San Diego grad, Jon is a Chicago native and full-time San Diego tourist. He enjoys Bear Grylls-like backpacking trips, archery, weekend getaways in Southern California, watching his beloved Chicago Bears, and bidaily coffee consumption.

Diana Cava-Enriquez, Manager of Engagement and Culture

Diana is a UCSD alumni with previous work experience for Department of Defense, Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, and international marketing. Besides learning the ins and outs of the e-commerce world, Diana enjoys travelling, architecture, refurbishing furniture, listening to NPR, and bikram yoga.

Anthony Artuso, Lead Retail Search Manager

Anthony graduated from the University of California, San Diego in 2012 with a B.A. in Communications. He was raised in Palm Springs and later moved to San Diego to pursue a career in the ecommerce industry. He is an avid Yankees fan and likes to spend his weekends exercising, traveling and making music.

Roman Fitch, Lead Retail Search Manager

Roman attended San Diego State University and studied Management with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. He started out as a Paid Search intern at CPC Strategy and quickly immersed himself in the e-commerce industry. Roman is proud to say he's scored his dream job. On weekends, Roman enjoys watching Arsenal games (go Gunners), attending 20+ Padres games, or yelling at the Chargers through the TV. But mostly, you'll find Roman spending time with the friends and family he loves very much.

Eliza Cuevas, Retail Search Manager

Eliza, a former Aztec from San Diego State University graduated with an Integrated Marketing Communications degree. With 3+ years experience as an e-commerce Account Manager, she is a vital member of CPC Strategy's team. On the weekends, you can find Eliza exploring new restaurants, planning family excursions, scoping the latest in fashion and hanging out with her beloved corgi, King.

Stephen Kerner, Manager-Retail Search

Stephen relocated from Santa Barbara, where he owned and operated an event planning company. He graduated from CSU Channel Islands with a B.S in Business and was later awarded for Best Small Business Case. He has a dedicated passion for social media advertising and has become an instrumental member of our team. He also enjoys cooking for friends, brewing beer and outdoor activities.

Lewis Brannon, Paid Search Manager

Lewis brings over 5 years of e-commerce marketing experience, having previously worked in Paid Search at a major online travel site before joining CPC in 2013. His passion for connecting people with what they want while helping businesses succeed is what drives his professional ethos. When he's not working, you can catch him and his wife, Kata, indulging in the amazing San Diego gastronomy scene, enjoying cinema, exploring the outdoors, and trying their best to travel all over this great planet. He's also fluent in Spanish.

Pat Petriello, Head of Marketplace Strategy

Pat is a former professional seller on,, eBay, and former member of Amazon Seller Service Team. As a Head of Marketplace Strategy for CPC, he's responsible for keeping his team on the cutting edge of Amazon trends and insights. Pat is a thought leader in the industry, speaking at a variety of events and often quoted in the industry press. He's passionate about understanding Amazon as a channel and helping brands utilize its full potential.

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