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January 17, 2018: Delphi Technologies, Inc. issued new European patent [EP3269949 (A1)]


Delphi Technologies, Inc. has been issued a new European patent titled "HYDRAULIC CAMSHAFT PHASER AND VALVE FOR OPERATION THEREOF" by the European Patent Office.


A camshaft phaser (12) includes a valve body (28) having a valve bore (64) which extends along an axis (16), an annular groove (91, 97) extending radially outward (64) and having a first width (W 91, W 97 ) in the direction of the axis (16), and a passage (92, 98) which opens into the annular groove (91, 97) and which extends from the valve bore (64) through the valve body (28) radially outward from the valve bore (64) such that the passage has a second width (W 92, W 98 ) in the direction of the axis (16) that is greater than the first width (W 91, W 97 ). The camshaft phaser (12) includes a valve spool (30) within said valve bore (64), the valve spool (30) having a land (131, 138) which varies a flow area between the valve bore (64) and the annular groove (91, 97) or the passage (92, 98).

Appl. No.EP20170180343

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Delphi Technologies, Inc. commercializes and licenses technologies in the fields of consumer, defense, homeland security, aerospace, biotech, electronics, and industrial. The company offers 3D packaging technology, which reduces packaging design time; CAD/CAM horizontal modeling that cuts design time; tube welding, a method of welding metal tubes to solids and sheet metal; intumescent thermolastic elastomer, a chemically resistant and sound deadening shield against fire and heat; Gold Dot that solves performance connections; and MEMS, a micro-electro-mechanical system. It also provides automotive and non-automotive commercialization and licensing agreements in the areas of aerospace, defense, telecommunications, transportation, computers and peripherals, and commercial vehicle industries. The company was incorporated in 1998 and is based in Troy, Michigan. Delphi Technologies, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Delphi Holdings, LLC.


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Industry: Miscellaneous Financial Services


December 06: Delphi and Mobileye's Production-Ready System Accelerates Autonomous Technology

Wait, did you switch on the turn signal," I asked the person behind the wheel of an autonomous Audi Q5 developed by Delphi, "or did the vehicle do that on its own?" The test driver didn't answer. Instead he closely watched the driver on the opposite side of the intersection near Delphi's lab in Mountain View, California as she crawled along without signaling her intentions.

"The automated system takes over and drives the route once it's program," Glen DeVos, Delphi's VP of services, said from the backseat. As we watched the pokey human driver slowly turn right - sans signal - the Audi accelerated through the intersection just as the light turned yellow.

It's the kind of scenario that human drivers confront every day and that autonomous technology will need to negotiate before its ready for the road. But judging from this and other situations that the autonomous Audi confronted on a drive to demonstrate the Centralized Sensing Localization and Planning (CSLP) system the company is developing with Mobileye, the technology has the potential to accelerate self-driving.

It does this by using an array of sensors and sophisticated processing that will allow the technology to go into production by 2019.

December 06: Delphi Automotive Provides a Chance to Benefit From Self-Driving

Shares of automaker Bayerische Motoren Werke -- better known by its acronym, BMW -- rose more than 4.5% on Monday, probably thanks to reports that the company is venturing further into autonomous-vehicle technology.

The company is making an effort to compete with ride-hailing companies such as Uber.

But automotive-parts manufacturer Delphi Automotive (DLPH) offers a better bet on self-driving taxis. The company has a promising self-driving initiative with the Singapore government, and its shares are trading at a discount.

Delphi Automotive shares were about flat in Monday trading.

First of all, the latest news is that BMW said Friday that it will begin testing about 40 vehicles with autonomous capabilities in Munich, Germany, beginning next year, with the likelihood of spreading the experiment to other cities. Each car will have a trained test driver aboard to prevent accidents.

It is all part of BMW's larger scheme to create its own fleet of premium and luxury taxis. By making this fleet self-driving, BMW could see a big boost in revenue.

August 23: Delphi Technologies, Inc: Mobileye, Delphi aim to release self-driving system in 2019

Other automakers and suppliers previously have targeted 2020-2021 for initial deployment of fully automated, or Level 4, vehicles that require no human driver.

Mobileye, a key supplier of vision-based sensing systems, and Delphi, a provider of automotive safety systems, said they plan to begin testing a jointly developed turn-key system for self-driving cars early next year.

Mobileye's U.S.-listed shares were up 8.3 percent at $50.42 in mid-day trading, while Delphi's shares rose 3.2 percent to $67.15.

Both companies supply parts and systems to many of the world's automakers, but declined to say if they had specific customers for their new system.

The Mobileye/Delphi alliance is the latest in a series of partnerships aimed at speeding deployment of automated driving systems, raising questions about how and whether federal safety regulators will respond.

"At this pace, we question whether regulators will be ready for these developments, but we think automakers and suppliers will push to accelerate the approval process," said S&P Capital Market Intelligence analyst Ephraim Levy in a research note on Tuesday.

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

In the past week, Ford Motor Co (F.N) said it plans to begin selling self-driving vehicles to commercial ride-sharing fleets in 2021 and has acquired a stake in Velodyne, a maker of laser-based lidar sensing systems.

Ride services giant Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL] last week said it had acquired self-driving truck startup Otto and planned to partner this fall with Geely Automobile's (0175.HK) Volvo Cars on a test fleet of self-driving cars in Pittsburgh.

Other large automakers, notably Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T), Volkswagen AG (VOWG_p.DE) and General Motors Co (GM.N), are developing self-driving vehicles in-house.

Mobileye and Delphi plan to invest "hundreds of millions of dollars" in their self-driving system, which will combine hardware and software developed by both companies.

August 23: Mobileye, Delphi Team Up to Create Automated Driving System

Auto-parts suppliers Mobileye NV and Delphi Automotive Plc said they are teaming up to develop a low-cost system for self-driving vehicles that will be available to carmakers by the end of the decade.

The companies are spending "hundreds of millions of dollars" to develop the system, which will be ready to sell by 2019, Kevin Clark, chief executive officer of U.K.-based Delphi, said in a conference call Tuesday.

Their technology will rely less on costly lidar sensors, which bounce light off objects to assess shape and location, resulting in a more affordable system for carmakers that might lack funding to develop the technology on their own, Amnon Shashua, chairman and chief technology officer of Israel-based Mobileye, said on the call.

"Together, we're planning to build a new class of machine intelligence capable of mimicking true human driving capabilities," Shashua said. "Our alliance provides a solution with a much smaller investment to our customers" to deploy fully autonomous cars.

January 04: Delphi Technologies, Inc. At CES, self-driving cars, auto gadgets grab spotlight

As Detroit gears up for the North American International Auto Show, automakers are grabbing center stage at this week's Consumer Electronics Show, which has morphed from a gadget fest into an essential venue for future mobility and the technology that will make it happen.

"The battleground for millennials is fast becoming the vehicle's computing and sensing capability rather than horsepower and torque," said Jeff Owens, Delphi Automotive's chief technology officer. "​ The time is close that when we talk about who has the fastest car, we'll be talking about processing power and data speeds, not miles per hour."

Delphi, which does most of its engineering work in Troy, has been showing its wares at CES since 1996. Over the last 20 years, 60% of the features it has exhibited at the show are now commonly found in any new vehicle, Owens said.


3.1 Number of Patents Issued to Delphi Technologies, Inc. (Past 12 Months)

There were a total of 138 patents issued to Delphi Technologies, Inc. in the past 12 months. The highest number (20) were issued in December, 2017.

MonthsNo. of Patents Issued
Total (Past 12 Months)138

3.2 Patents issued by the US PTO and the EPO on same inventions

In the past 24 months the following 10 patents were issued by the USPTO and the European Patent Office (EPO) to Delphi Technologies, Inc..

Adaptable Electrical Plug Assembly9,768,554; 19 Sep, 2017EP3166187 (A1); 10 May, 2017
Automated Vehicle Steering Control System With Lane Position Bias9,836,977; 05 Dec, 2017EP3254938 (A1); 13 Dec, 2017
Electrical Bus Bar Connector System9,634,445; 25 Apr, 2017EP3258549 (A1); 20 Dec, 2017
Electrical Distribution Center9,627,785; 18 Apr, 2017EP3260332 (A1); 27 Dec, 2017
Electromagnetically Shielded Connector System9,431,771; 30 Aug, 2016EP3166186 (A1); 10 May, 2017
Lane Keeping System For Autonomous Vehicle During Camera Drop-Outs9,840,253; 12 Dec, 2017EP3257729 (A1); 20 Dec, 2017
Right Angle Connector With Terminal Contact Protection9,608,357; 28 Mar, 2017EP3142194 (A1); 15 Mar, 2017
Silent Horn-Signal With Sender Location9,475,461; 25 Oct, 2016EP3109843 (A1); 28 Dec, 2016
V2x Object-Location Verification System For Automated Vehicles9,671,785; 06 Jun, 2017WO2017172034 (A1); 05 Oct, 2017
Vehicle Radar System With Image Reflection Detection9,810,782; 07 Nov, 2017EP3070493 (A1); 21 Sep, 2016

3.3 Previous 10 DELPHI TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Patent titles:

Issue DateIssuing OfficePatent TitlePatent Number
Jan 16, 2018US PTOAutomated vehicle operator skill evaluation system9,870,001
Jan 9, 2018US PTOConnector housing with an integral connector position assurance device9,865,968
Jan 9, 2018US PTORedundant-controls system for an automated vehicle9,864,374
Jan 9, 2018US PTOElectrochemical detection system and method of operation9,863,907
Jan 9, 2018US PTOBi-directional air-curtain for cold testing a camera9,863,866
Jan 9, 2018US PTOMethod for diagnosing a variable-lift camshaft follower9,863,335
Jan 9, 2018US PTOEngine restart aid9,863,306
Jan 9, 2018US PTOLow-cost high-efficiency GDCI engines for low octane fuels9,863,305
Jan 9, 2018US PTOMethod to determine distance of an object from an automated vehicle with a monocular device9,862,318

3.4 Previous 5 DELPHI TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Patent abstracts:

January 16, 2018 Delphi Technologies, Inc. issued new U.S. patent [9,870,001]


An operator-evaluation system for an automated vehicle includes a traffic-detector and a controller. The traffic-detector is used to determine a complexity-ranking of a traffic-scenario approached by a host-vehicle. The controller is in communication with the traffic-detector and is configured to operate the host-vehicle in: an automated-mode where the controller steers the host-vehicle toward a desired-position of a travel-lane; a monitored-mode where an operator steers the host-vehicle and the controller assists the operator to steer the host-vehicle toward the desired-position when the host-vehicle is farther than a lateral-threshold from the desired-position; and a manual-mode where the operator steers the host-vehicle without assistance from the controller. The controller transitions from the automated-mode to the monitored-mode prior to arrival at the traffic-scenario to determine a skill-ranking of the operator relative to the complexity-ranking, and transitions from the automated-mode to the manual-mode when the complexity-ranking is less than the skill-ranking of the operator.

January 9, 2018 Delphi Technologies, Inc. issued new U.S. patent [9,865,968]


A connector body configured to interconnect with a corresponding mating connector body includes a pair of longitudinal struts that extend from the connector body and are oriented substantially parallel to a mating axis of the connector body. The longitudinal struts each define an enclosed lateral slot having a closed end and a connector position assurance (CPA) device that is interlocked within the lateral slots and moveable from an initial position to a final position along the mating axis after the connector body is coupled to the corresponding mating connector body. The CPA device has a lateral cross bar extending into each of the lateral slots thereby retaining the cross bar in the lateral slots. The CPA device and the connector body are integrally formed by an additive manufacturing process.

January 9, 2018 Delphi Technologies, Inc. issued new U.S. patent [9,864,374]


A redundant-controls system suitable for use an automated vehicle includes a primary-control-device, a secondary-control-device, an occupant-detection-device, and a controller. The primary-control-device is installed in a vehicle. The primary-control-device is selectively enabled to allow operation from an operator-seat of the vehicle by an operator of the vehicle to control movement of the vehicle. The secondary-control-device is installed in the vehicle. The secondary-control-device is selectively enabled to allow operation from a passenger-seat of the vehicle by a passenger of the vehicle to control movement of the vehicle. The occupant-detection-device is used to determine an operator-state-of-awareness of the operator and a passenger-state-of-awareness of the passenger. The controller is in communication with the primary-control-device, the secondary-control-device, and the operator-detection-device. The controller is configured to selectively enable the secondary-control-device to override the primary-control-device when the passenger-state-of-awareness indicates greater awareness than the operator-state-of-awareness.

January 9, 2018 Delphi Technologies, Inc. issued new U.S. patent [9,863,907]


An electrochemical detection system for determining a concentration of a gas in exhaust gases of a combustion process. The system includes an electrolyte, a reference electrode, and a sense electrode that cooperate to form an electrochemical sensor that exposes both the reference electrode and the sense electrode to the exhaust gases. The electrochemical sensor is configured to output a sensor signal indicative of a species concentration of a species gas in the exhaust gases. The sensor signal exhibits a transient error in response to a change in a reference concentration of a reference gas in the exhaust gases. The processor is configured to determine the species concentration based on the sensor signal, and to determine an estimate of the transient error based on an operating condition of the combustion process.

January 9, 2018 Delphi Technologies, Inc. issued new U.S. patent [9,863,866]


A cold-test system for testing a camera at a cold temperature includes a test-chamber with a window, a nozzle, and a recirculator. The window is installed in the test-chamber so the camera is provided with a view of a test-target outside of the test-chamber. The nozzle is located proximate to a first edge of the window. The nozzle is configured to direct air from an air-source in a first direction and adjacent to an outside-surface of the window. The recirculator is located proximate to a second edge of the window opposite the first edge. The recirculator is configured to receive the air moving in the first direction and re-direct that air in a second direction opposite the first direction and adjacent to the air moving in the first direction opposite the window. The nozzle and the recirculator cooperate to form a bi-directional air-curtain proximate to the outside-surface.


Kevin P. Clark, CEO & President

Joseph R. Massaro, CFO & Senior Vice President

David M. Sherbin, Company Secretary & Senior Vice President

David M. Sherbin is senior vice president, general counsel, secretary and chief compliance officer for Delphi.

Mr. Sherbin began his legal career in 1987 as an associate at the Chicago law firm of Katten Muchin & Zavis. He later joined Heller Financial, Inc. as counsel in the corporate finance group, and in 1994 became senior counsel for corporate affairs.

In 1997, he joined Federal-Mogul Corporation as assistant general counsel and steadily moved up the ranks until 2003, when he was named senior vice president, general counsel, secretary and chief compliance officer, with responsibilities that included managing the worldwide legal affairs for Federal-Mogul and its financial restructuring in the United States and the UK.

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