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October 17, 2017: Acushnet Company, Inc. issued new U.S. patent [9,789,367]


Acushnet Company, Inc. has been issued a new U.S. patent titled "Thermoplastic dual core having a negative gradient inner core and a positive gradient outer core" by the US Patent and Trademark Office.


A golf ball including a thermoplastic inner core layer that has a geometric center hardness greater than its surface hardness to define a negative hardness gradient. An outer core layer is disposed about the inner core and is formed from a thermoplastic material and has an inner surface hardness substantially less than its outer surface hardness to define a positive hardness gradient. An inner cover layer is disposed about the outer core layer and an outer cover layer is disposed about the inner cover layer.

Appl. No.14/978,162








Acushnet Company, Inc.

Key Stats

Estimated Revenue (TTM): $914.2M

Estimated Employees: 3,457



Acushnet Company, Inc., along with its subsidiaries, manufactures and markets golf balls, clubs, shoes, gloves, bags, outerwear, socks, and accessories for serious and recreational golfers. Its sells its products primarily to on-course golf pro shops, and selected off-course golf specialty and sporting goods stores in the Eastern and Western United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australasia, and Asia. Acushnet Company, Inc. was formerly known as Acushnet Process Company and changed its name to Acushnet Company, Inc. in January 1964. The company was founded in 1910 and is headquartered in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Acushnet Company, Inc. is a former subsidiary of Beam, Inc.


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Industry: Restaurants and Leisure


Fairhaven, Massachusetts, USA


October 17: Acushnet Holdings Corp. Announces Launch of Initial Public Offering

Acushnet Holdings Corp. ("Acushnet") today announced the commencement of the initial public offering of shares of its common stock pursuant t o a registration statement on Form S - 1 filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "Commission"). All 19,333,333 shares of common stock to be sold in the offering will be sold by existing stockholders of Acushnet. The underwriters in the offering will have a 30 - day over - allotment option to purchase up to an additional 2,899,999 shares of common stock from the selling stockholders. The estimated initial public offering price is between $21.00 and $24.00 per share.

Acushnet's common stock has been approved for listing on The New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "GOLF."

J.P. Morgan Securities LLC and Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC are acting as lead book - running managers and as representatives of the underwriters for the proposed initial public offering.

October 05: Acushnet Company, Inc. : It's Your Game. Make It Your Ball: Introducing My Pro V1

you can make your golf ball your own by choosing a favorite play number, adding personalization, or selecting an icon from our exclusive library to make your ball even more unique. And if you want to show your support on the course for a favorite a Major League Baseball or collegiate team, you also have the option to personalize your ball by adding one of their logos.

The question is how will you personalize your Pro V1 or Pro V1x? Visit My Pro V1 now and get started.

January 27: Acushnet Company, Inc: Introducing the new NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity and DT TruSoft golf balls

We're excited to announce the launch of our new NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity and DT TruSoft golf balls that continue to deliver best in class performance through new core and cover innovations. New for 2016, the NXT Tour has been engineered for even longer distance, while new NXT Tour S offers its softest feel yet and the new Velocity provides even more powerful distance with a more playable feel. Officially launched last fall, the DT TruSoft provides supremely soft feel on every shot with exceptionally consistent performance and quality.

All of these enhancements are a direct result from our continued commitment to a rigorous R&D process rooted in golfer research and feedback, technological advancements, intellectual property leadership and comprehensive prototype testing and validation. In fact, more than 34,000 golfers from around the world participated in the white box testing and validation process for new models with golfers receiving prototype golf balls for on-course evaluation.

"At Titleist, our goal is always to deliver the best performing product we possibly can, and what new NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity and DT TruSoft represent are the best performing golf balls in their respective categories," said Michael Mahoney, director, golf ball product management.

"When we look at the results of our extensive robot and player testing, we are exceedingly confident that golfers will experience new Titleist golf ball models that outperform their competition and deliver on their meaningful performance improvements relative to distance, short-game performance and soft feel."

This dedication extends across all facets of product development, including our precision manufacturing process that ensures each new model delivers the superior performance, consistency and quality that golfers expect from Titleist.

January 07: Acushnet Company, Inc: FootJoy Announces Launch of FJ Golfleisure - Women's Golf LifeStyle Apparel

"The rise of athleisure women's apparel driven by lifestyle changes inspired by fitness and wellness, has led us to develop this exciting range. As an authentic golf brand focused on performance golf wearables, we feel there is an opportunity in the market for a golf interpretation of the athleisure lifestyle movement," said Whitney Trimble, Director of Marketing-FJ Apparel. "We also believe this is not a trend but rather a lifestyle shift in women's apparel that needs to be addressed by a brand whose sole focus and passion is golf."

FJ Golfleisure features an array of multifunctional silhouettes in comfortable performance fabrics for the active golfer while allowing these styles to also be worn for every day routine. The range includes body mapped base layers, performance mid-layers, full zip hoodies, skorts, leggings, space dye layering styles along with performance shirts and outerwear. All items are specifically designed for golf while being tailored for the player's athleisure lifestyle.

Introduction of the FJ Golfleisure line will take place at the upcoming PGA Show in Orlando. The line will be available in the finest golf shops around the world beginning Summer, 2016.


October 24: Acushnet Company, Inc.: Thomas retains his title at the CIMB Classic

Starting the day four shots behind the overnight leader, Titleist Brand Ambassador Justin Thomas (Pro V1x) knew he had to post a low number if he was going to defend his CIMB Classic title. And with his sights set on climbing to the top of the leaderboard once again, he went out and put on impressive charge closing with an 8-under-par 64 en route to a 23-under-par 265 victory total.

"Yeah, it was obviously a fun day," said Thomas after the win.

For Thomas, the fun also started toward the end of his third round where he birdied five consecutive holes to put him within striking distance.

"It [the win] couldn't have happened if it wasn't for my finish yesterday," added Thomas. "That was huge for me and put me in a good position to have a chance to win today. I definitely owe a lot of it to that."

He posted 13 birdies in his final 23 holes and carded a total of 29 for the week.

"I feel like I'm playing well," Thomas explained. "I'm in pretty good form right now. I just was six, seven holes away really from winning the Safeway Open, as well. I just need to continue to build on this momentum and try to use this as kind of a springboard to the start of the year."

The win marks the second Top 10 finish in the first two events of the season for Thomas who finished T8 at last week's Safeway Open.



October 17, 2017 Acushnet Company, Inc. issued new U.S. patent [9,789,363]


The present invention concerns a golf ball having dimples with a cross-sectional profile comprising a conical top portion and a non-conical bottom portion. More particularly, the profiles of the present invention are defined by three independent parameters: dimple diameter (D.sub.D), edge angle (.PHI..sub.EDGE), and saucer ratio (S.sub.r). These parameters fully define the dimple shape and allow for greater flexibility in constructing a dimple profile versus conventional spherical dimples. Further, conical dimples provide a unique dimple cross-section which is visually distinct.

October 10, 2017 Acushnet Company, Inc. issued new U.S. patent [9,782,634]


Multi-piece golf balls containing a multi-layered core structure are provided. The core structure includes a small, heavy inner core (center) having a relatively high specific gravity, an intermediate core layer, and a surrounding outer core layer. The layers of the core structure may have different hardness gradients. In one preferred embodiment, each core layer has a positive hardness gradient. The center of the core comprises a metal material such as copper, steel, brass, tungsten, titanium, aluminum, and alloys thereof. The intermediate core layer is preferably formed from a first thermoset composition such as polybutadiene rubber, and the outer core layer is preferably formed from a second thermoset composition. The resulting ball has high resiliency and good spin control.

October 10, 2017 Acushnet Company, Inc. issued new U.S. patent [9,782,633]


The present invention is directed to multi-layer golf balls including a layer formed from a relatively soft or low modulus HNP composition and a layer formed from a relatively hard or high modulus HNP composition. Optionally, the soft (or low modulus) HNP composition and/or the hard (or high modulus) HNP composition is plasticized or is replaced with a different plasticized acid copolymer composition.

October 10, 2017 Acushnet Company, Inc. issued new U.S. patent [9,782,631]


Disclosed herein are golf ball compositions formed from polyureas made from aminocrotonates.

October 10, 2017 Acushnet Company, Inc. issued new U.S. patent [9,782,630]


The present invention is a golf ball which comprises dimples having a cross section defined by the superposition of two or more continuous and differentiable functions. Additionally, the dimples preferably have a circular boundary and maintain an axis coincident with the center of the circular boundary.

October 10, 2017 Acushnet Company, Inc. issued new U.S. patent [9,782,629]


The present invention is directed to golf balls having surface textures with unique appearances and improved aerodynamic characteristics due, at least in part, to the use of curvilinear dimple plan shapes. In particular, the present invention is directed to a golf ball that includes at least a portion of its dimples having a plan shape defined by a number of convex or concave arcs that are derived from the vertices of a regular n-sided polygon.

October 10, 2017 Acushnet Company, Inc. issued new U.S. patent [9,782,628]


Golf balls including at least one modified dimple group are disclosed. The modified dimple group comprises one or more modified dimples forming an axially symmetric pattern about a Correction Area Centroid located on an axis of symmetry at a latitude greater than, where represents the hemispherical pole and represents the equator. The modified dimples can be altered, for example, by changing dimple coverage, dimple diameter, dimple depth, dimple edge angle, dimple volume, dimple cross-sectional shape, and/or dimple plan shape. Optionally, the dimples have a catenary cross-sectional shape and the modified dimples are altered by changing the shape factor and/or chord depth. Such modifications preferably produce a golf ball that flies more consistently regardless of orientation when struck than a corresponding golf ball without such modifications.

September 26, 2017 Acushnet Company, Inc. issued new U.S. patent [9,770,630]


Multi-layered golf ball core sub-assemblies and the resulting golf balls are provided. The core structure includes an inner core (center) comprising a foam composition, preferably foamed polyurethane. The intermediate and outer core layers are preferably formed from foamed and non-foamed thermoset compositions. For example, the intermediate core can be formed from a thermoset rubber so there are adjoining foam core layers (inner and intermediate) and the outer core layer can be formed from a non-foamed thermoset rubber. The core layers have different hardness and specific gravity levels. The core assembly preferably has a positive hardness gradient extending across the entire assembly. The core structure and resulting ball have relatively good resiliency.

September 19, 2017 Acushnet Company, Inc. issued new U.S. patent [9,764,203]


A golf club incorporating an interchangeable shaft system includes a shaft, a shaft sleeve, a club head. The shaft sleeve is coupled to an end of the shaft and is received in a hosel included in the club head. The shaft sleeve is removably coupled to the club head. Alignment features on the components provide discrete orientations between the shaft and club head.

September 19, 2017 Acushnet Company, Inc. issued new U.S. patent [9,764,198]


Golf balls having multi-layered covers, wherein at least one of the cover layers is substantially transparent, are provided. The cover includes an inner cover layer made of an ionomer composition; an intermediate cover layer made of an aromatic polyurethane composition; and outer cover layer made of an aliphatic polyurethane composition, wherein the total thickness of the multi-layered cover is no greater than 0.110 inches. In one version, the outer cover layer is substantially transparent and the underlying intermediate cover layer is colored. In another version, both the outer and intermediate cover layers are substantially transparent. Light-reflective fillers such as pearlescent pigments, glitter, and metallics may be added to the cover layers. The resulting ball has pleasing decorative effects.

PermID: 4298208826

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