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September 20, 2018: Glide Technologies Limited: Kim, Moon raise hands on North Korea's sacred volcano


The leaders of the rival Koreas took to the road for the final day of their summit Thursday, standing on the peak of a beautiful volcano considered sacred in the.






Glide Technologies Limited provides corporate communications and reputation management solutions to large organizations. Its solutions enable clients to mitigate brand risk. The company offers Glide, a media relations platform to manage social media and blogger relations; and GlideManager, an online communications workflow tool for communications structure. It also provides GlideNewsroom, an online newsroom solution for blue-chip corporations that want their online presence to resonate with media, shareholders, and consumers; and GlideIntelligence for media monitoring and evaluation with real time sentiment analysis. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in London, United Kingdom. As of October 21, 2011, Glide Technologies Limited operates as a subsidiary of Nasdaq OMX Group Inc.


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September 11: Glide Technologies Limited: White House labels book by journalist Bob Woodward as 'reckless', threatens lawsuit

The White House on Monday said that the latest book by renowned journalist Bob Woodward is "reckless" and makes outrageous claims which have been refuted by the top US administration officials.

The White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders also did not rule out a lawsuit against Woodward who in his latest book "Fear:

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September 11: Glide Technologies Limited: EPA Rolls Back Major Climate Change Regulation On Methane For Oil, Natural Gas Companies

The Trump administration made its third major regulatory roll back this year by making it easier for energy companies to release methane into the atmosphere on Monday, in a move decried by environmental and health advocates, according to The New York Times.

Even though methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming, energy companies have argued the rules which require them to test for emissions from oil and gas wells were too expensive and burdensome on the industry.

The NYT said the Environmental Protection Agency will announce a proposal this week which would weaken the requirement implemented by former President Barack Obama which makes energy companies monitor and repair methane leaks.

Documents reviewed by reporters showed the EPA would be joining with the Interior Department, which also is expected to release a draft rule that would repeal a restriction on company's intentionally venting and "flaring" (burning)) methane from drilling operations.

The EPA previously proposed weakening a rule on carbon dioxide pollution from car exhaust systems and in August suggested replacing a rule on carbon dioxide pollution from coal-fired power plants.

"They're taking them down, one by one," said Janet McCabe, who served as the EPA's leading climate and clean-air regulator during the Obama administration.

Officials from the E.P.A., the Interior Department and the White House did not respond to emails and telephone calls seeking comment from The NYT.

Kathleen Sgamma, president of the Western Energy Alliance, which is an association of independent oil and gas companies, said the rule changes made "a neat pair," calling the methane rule "the defintion of red tape. It was a record-keeping nightmare that was technically impossible to execute in the field."

Sgamma praised the Trump administration for the rollbacks, noting how the Obama administration more often turned to environmental groups for policy.

September 09: Glide Technologies Limited: Naomi Osaka wins US Open after Serena Williams 'umpire thief' meltdown

Naomi Osaka became the first Japanese to win a grand slam singles title on Saturday as her hero Serena Williams angrily imploded, calling the chair umpire in the US Open final "a thief".

Osaka, 20, triumphed 6-2, 6-4 in the match marred by Williams's second set outburst, the American enraged by umpire Carlos Ramos's

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September 04: Glide Technologies Limited: German far-left politician launches 'Stand up' movement

BERLIN: A German far-left politician will launch on Tuesday a cross-party movement called "Stand up", modelled on the populist campaigns of US Senator Bernie Sanders and Britain's Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Its declared goal is to counter the "neoliberal policies" of Chancellor Angela Merkel's centrist coalition

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September 02: Glide Technologies Limited: Trump meeting with North Korea was 'failed summit' that was 'all about show': Panetta

A former defense secretary and CIA director under President Obama said he is "very worried" about the situation with North Korea following President Trump and Kim Jong Un's "failed summit" that was "doomed to failure."

Leon Panetta told "This Week" Co-Anchor Martha Raddatz in an exclusive interview aired Sunday that the

"The problem is that in many ways it was doomed to failure from the beginning because there was never the preparatory work that has to be done prior to a summit meeting," A former defense secretary and CIA director under President Obama said he is "very worried" about the situation with North Korea following President Trump and Kim Jong Un's "failed summit" that was "doomed to failure."

Leon Panetta told "This Week" Co-Anchor Martha Raddatz in an exclusive interview aired Sunday that the

"The problem is that in many ways it was doomed to failure from the beginning because there was never the preparatory work that has to be done prior to a summit meeting,"

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August 31: Glide Technologies Limited: Trump's Disapproval Rating Soars In Latest Poll

Donald Trump's numerous attacks on Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Attorney General Jeff Sessions appear to be driving voters away since sixty percent of those polled in a new survey released Friday said they disapproved of Trump's job performance, a new high, according to CNBC news.

The polling conducted by The Washington Post and ABC News, said two-thirds of American adults supported Mueller's investigation into Russian interference during the 2016 presidential election, with 52 percent saying they "strongly" support the ongoing probe.

Only 29 percent said they opposed Mueller's investigation, which is a bad sign for the White House since Trump's lawyers have previously argued it would be impossible for Trump to illegally obstruct justice as the president, which more than half of Americans said they disagreed with.

More than fifty percent said they think Trump attempted to interfere in Mueller's investigation in a way that would qualify as obstruction of justice.

Trump has attempted to sway public opinion against Mueller, constantly deriding the investigation as a witch hunt and even taking aim at AG Sessions in recent weeks for recusing himself from overseeing the investigation.

Amid Trump's attacks, 62 percent of Americans said they took Sessions' side over Trump's concerning the Mueller probe.

Trump has not fired Sessions, but several Republican lawmakers have hinted that it could be a possibility after the midterm elections in November, even though Sessions was one of Trump's earliest supporters when he was still a Senator during the 2016 campaign.

A 64-percent majority of Americans responded they believed Trump should not fire Sessions, including a surprising find how more Democrats than Republicans believe Trump should keep the Attorney General in place with 75 percent of Democrats saying Trump should not fire Sessions, compared to only 47 percent of Republicans.

Dan Rather @DanRather

"Disapproval of Donald Trump is at a new high, support for the Mueller investigation is broad and half of Americans'

2018-08-31 11:59:16 2283

James Kosur @JamesKosur

Donald Trump's "disapproval rating" is soaring.

August 28: Glide Technologies Limited: South Korean Government Proposes Largest Increase In Fiscal Spending In A Decade

South Korea announced the most intense expansion in fiscal spending in a decade for the upcoming 2019 budget on Tuesday, according to Reuters.

Policymakers were planning to increase spending to help create jobs and increase welfare options in the state of a deteriorating job market and an aging population.

The plan would see total spending increase 9.7 percent to 470.5 trillion won ($420.27 billion), according to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, who said it was the largest increase since a 10.6 jump in 2009.

Government spending on welfare, health, and jobs would increase 12.1 percent from this year and would be the largest portion of spending at 162.2 trillion won.

Nearly 23.5 trillion won would be used solely for job creation, a 22 percent increase from last year. Source: Company Website

August 26: Glide Technologies Limited: Nasa 'human computer' Katherine Johnson celebrates 100th birthday

Nasa has joined the 100th birthday celebrations for Katherine Johnson, an African-American "human computer" who overcame racial and gender discrimination, to become a crucial part of the US's space programme.

The contribution of Ms. Johnson and two of her black colleagues, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan, who worked at

"Wishing a #happybirthday to Katherine G Johnson on her 100th birthday today,"

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August 15: Glide Technologies Limited: New Zealand Bans Sale of Homes to Foreigners

New Zealand's Parliament voted on Wednesday to take a large step to fight against the expensive housing market across the country by banning most non-resident foreigners from purchasing existing homes or residential land, according to National Public Radio.

The bill's supporters said the measure was needed to correct the domestic housing market which has seen house prices skyrocket along with rents as home ownership fell dramatically across the last decade.

The lawmakers said by reducing the number of potential buyers, they would help ease the property shortage across the country.

"If you've got the right to live in New Zealand permanently, you've got the right to buy here. But otherwise it's not a right, it's a privilege," David Parker, New Zealand's minister for economic development and trade, said in a speech from the Parliament floor Wednesday. "We believe it's the birthright of New Zealanders to buy homes in New Zealand in a market that is shaped by New Zealand buyers, not by international price pressures."

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August 12: Glide Technologies Limited: Thousands rally to demand Romanian government resignation

BUCHAREST (Reuters) - Thousands of Romanians rallied for a third day running on Sunday against the Social Democrat government in anti-corruption protests, demanding Prime Minister Viorica Dancila step down.

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