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October 17, 2017: Barrette Outdoor Living, Inc. issued new U.S. patent [9,790,685]


Barrette Outdoor Living, Inc. has been issued a new U.S. patent titled "Interlock panel, panel assembly, and method for shipping" by the US Patent and Trademark Office.


A panel comprised of at least one connector that facilitates connection with an adjacent panel. An exemplary embodiment of a panel may be comprised of a female connector and a male connector such that the male connector may be inserted in a female connector of an adjacent, substantially similar panel. The female connector may include a ridge, and the male connector may include a flange. An exemplary embodiment of a panel assembly may be formed when a male connector of one panel is inserted in a female connector of another panel such that the flange of the male connector slides over the ridge of the female connector to interlock the panels.

Appl. No.14/324,944







Barrette Outdoor Living, Inc. manufactures and markets wood, vinyl, and aluminum exterior home products. It offers wood, aluminum, and vinyl fences; lawn and garden products, including accents, and ornamental lattices and arbors; sheds; and railings, such as vinyl, composicore, and aluminum railings. The company provides its products through a network of home improvement retailers, home centers and lumberyards, and specialty fencing dealers in North America. Barrette Outdoor Living, Inc. was founded in 1977 and is based in Middleburg Heights, Ohio.


PermID: 4298547341


Industry: Metals & Mining


October 03: Barrette Outdoor Living, Inc: ActiveYards(Registered) Debuts National TV Commercial - Features Fusion Series, the Sequoia, Privacy Fencing Solutions

CLEVELAND, OH (October 3, 2016) - ActiveYards(Registered) has debuted their first national broadcast television commercial, featuring their recently introduced line of Fusion(TradeMark) Series privacy fencing. The Frame Your Life commercial highlights the Fusion Sequoia product in a tug-at-your-heartstrings view of life changing moments that happen over several decades, proving that ActiveYards is truly "your fencing solutions for life(Registered)."

The Fusion Series brings beauty, security and serenity to any outdoor living space. The Sequoia offers a modern and sophisticated look of combining ActiveYards patented GlideLock(Registered) boards with a matte black aluminum frame with hidden fasteners. The patented GlideLock design locks pickets tightly into place without any gaps and SolarGuard(Registered) helps protect the color of the fence from harmful rays of the sun. In the commercial you can see as life changes the ActiveYards fence always stays the same.

ActiveYards Marketing Director, Melissa Freed, states, "We are so proud to introduce our new and innovative Fusion Series product line to the marketplace and this commercial allows us to bring it into consumers' homes."

National stations running the ad include HGTV, TNT, Bravo and CNN.

July 08: Barrette Outdoor Living, Inc.: RDI ANNOUNCES AVALON GLASS RAILING STYLE

RDI announces the release of its new Avalon Aluminum Railing(Registered) glass baluster in-fill option. Avalon Aluminum, part of RDI's RDI Metal Works(Registered) railing family, is the newest railing line for RDI, and offers the same easy installation, high quality, and security that users expect from RDI products.

Avalon Aluminum Railing is a unique, easily customizable aluminum railing system that installs quickly and easily. Avalon glass is available in 6' & 8′ level rail lengths, in 36″ residential and 42″ finished heights. There are 3 colors and 3 top cap styles. With the new Glass Baluster option, there are now 2 baluster styles to choose from (in addition to square baluster). For additionardi avalonl design options, Avalon may be combined with many Transform components for an even more distinctive look.

According to Joe Ciszek, Customer Service Manager at RDI, "I've seen a few Avalon installations with our glass balusters, and they are absolutely gorgeous. The glass allows the homeowner to have an unobstructed view and with so many design options, Avalon presents our customers the opportunity to have fun and be creative with design- all the while knowing that they're installing a safe, secure and code compliant railing." Ciszek stated that Avalon also is available at a competitive price point.

July 07: Barrette Outdoor Living, Inc.: Boerboel(Registered) Gate Solutions Accessories Add Security & Convenience

Boerboel(Registered) Gate Solutions offer a variety of drop rods and accessories for use with many types of gates - including wood, vinyl, steel, metal and gates. Boerboel products are strong and secure, performance tested for long-term use and are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Boerboel Drop Rods:

Boerboel drop rods are ideal for securing gates without using a latch. It simply requires a rod for each gate panel. Available in a choice of colors, materials and sizes.

Heavy-duty: ideally suited for steel and aluminum double drive gates, it is designed to be strong as well as simple to install and use. A heavy-duty drop rod is an excellent choice for a drive gate.

Standard: a perfect gate hardware solution, offering a complete kit for a double/drive gate. Included in each kit are one drop rod and 2 handles, to secure and finish almost any drive gate.

Boerboel Accessories:

Gate handle: a standard gate handle completes and enhances the look of any gate. The handle provides a comfortable grip and is universally designed to fit either the right or left side of a gate.

EZ Grip handle: this handle has an ergonomic soft touch thumb grip for a comfortable fit. Completes and enhances the look of a gate with no visible fasteners.

June 21: Barrette Outdoor Living, Inc.: Boerboel(Registered) Gate Solution Hinges Withstand a Lifetime of Openings

Boerboel(Registered) Gate Solutions offer a variety of heavy-duty, standard and compact hinges for use with many types of gates - including wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel and chain link/farm gates. Boerboel products are strong and secure, and performance tested for long-term use.

Tension Control Technology(TradeMark) is the innovative Boerboel advantage that allows the ability to customize the resistance and speed of the gate closure - either vertical, horizontal or tension adjustment - making it the perfect solution for a balanced gate.

The Boerboel hinge assortment includes:

Wrap hinges:

Heavy-duty wrap hinge features 3-way adjustability - up, down, and tension - for a perfectly balanced gate. Works with a wide variety of vinyl and wood gates.

Butterfly hinges:

Compact butterfly hinge works with multiple types of material, is made of aluminum to withstand extreme weather conditions, and features self-closing or manual operation. Easy installation for placement on either side of the gate.

Heavy-duty butterfly hinges are simple and easy to install on either side of your gate, and can accommodate almost any size or weight of wood, vinyl or metal gates.

Standard butterfly hinge is the most versatile offering.

May 25: Barrette Outdoor Living, Inc.: Tension Control Technology(TradeMark) from Boerboel(Registered) Gate Solutions Offers Easy Adjustability for Fence Gate Functionality

The outside environment can make adjustments to a fence gate without you even knowing it, especially when severe weather strikes. Over time, especially in colder climates, fence posts can shift due to ground freeze or simply from repeated use, causing a gate to become out of square. That's one reason why Boerboel(Registered) Gate Solutions has developed 3-way adjustable hinges, offering the flexibility to adjust a gate horizontally and vertically, as well as customizing the closure tension.

The innovative Boerboel Tension Control Technology(TradeMark) allows for customization of the resistance and speed of thetct photo gate closure.

Boerboel wrap and chain link/farm hinges feature 3-way adjustability: vertical, horizontal, and tension adjustments, making it the perfect solution for a balanced gate. This hinge works with vinyl, metal and wood gates, and chain link/farm fencing systems.

Boerboel butterfly hinges feature self-closing and manual-close functionality with simple tension adjustments, making it quick and easy to customize the gate swing speed. Butterfly hinges work best with vinyl, wood and metal gates.

Boerboel center mount hinges offer a versatile 180 degree gate swing which allows the gate to open both inward and outward.



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Aug 22, 2017US PTORail top attachment clip and method9,739,065
Jun 13, 2017US PTOCam hinge with tension control system9,677,310
May 2, 2017US PTORailing and baluster plug system9,637,932
Dec 27, 2016US PTOPost for swinging and cantilever gates9,528,310
Dec 13, 2016US PTOPost for swinging and cantilever gates9,518,424

PermID: 4298547341

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