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CLOSING UPDATE: Keyence in 3rd consecutive fall, nears three-month low 20 June 2018 16:37 JST


This is an end of day Alert, produced after today's Japan market close. It concludes the BSS News Bites intra-day Alert series (summaries below).

Keyence, the largest electric appliances company by market capitalisation in Japan's, slipped further on Wednesday, sliding an additional JPY330.0 (or 0.5%) to trade at JPY65,510.0. The stock decreased 1.07% on Monday and 1.5% on Tuesday bringing its 3-day fall to 3.0%. It is now approaching its 58-day low of JPY64,120.0. Compared with the Nikkei 225 Index which rose 276.9 points (or 1.2%) in the day, this represented a relative price change of -1.7%.


Afternoon Alert: Keyence accelerates slide, now down 3.4% in 2 days

20 June 2018 13:00 JST

Keyence Corporation (TO:6861) is down JPY2,250.0 (or 3.4%) over the past two trading days. After falling 1.5% on Tuesday, the stock fell 1.9% on Wednesday to trade at JPY64,590.0 vs. the Nikkei 225 Index that is down 1.7% in the same period.

Morning Alert: Keyence keeps sliding: down 4.3% in 3 days

20 June 2018 11:11 JST

Keyence Corporation (TO:6861) extended its slide on Wednesday, shedding an additional JPY1,210.0 (or 1.8%) to trade at JPY64,630.0. Trading volume was 1.5 times average so far today. The shares have fallen JPY2,930.0 (or 4.3%) over the past three trading days vs. the Nikkei 225 Index which has fallen 2.8% in the same period.

Keyence Corporation (TO:6861; TYO:6861; T:6861; JP:6861)

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