Data-gathering and delivery technology

News Bites Finance material is gathered automatically and delivered in XML format using industry-leading technology.

News Bites Finance works in a joint venture with BuySellSignals, one of the world's largest financial news and content providers, to deliver the best in news technology.

Leading automated news-gathering 

Our news-gathering technology lets you receive information on a huge range of securities and markets quickly, affordably and flexibly. 

News Bites Finance's 35,000 reports daily are generated by our stock database and sourced only from official stock exchange information and company web sites. Data is secured by precise, cyclic and continual online monitoring and analysis. Reports are compiled by over 60 triggers using proprietary indicators and algorithms for a comprehensive, consistent, timely, completely accurate and easily readable analysis of any exchange-traded instrument's market position. Report compilation is state-of-the-art, unmatched in the field. Information is updated 24 hours a day, seven days a week and within an hour of markets closing.

BuySellSignals CEO Anil Bakaya and COO Dhiraj Bakaya are part of the News Bites Finance management group and ensure the news-gathering technology continues to evolve to suit News Bites clients' needs.  

The XML path to efficient publishing

By delivering reports and alerts in XML format, News Bites Finance enables you to easily present information in the form you prefer. We effectively give you a "white label" version of all our material.

White labelling

You may take our content branded as News Bites Finance or you may "white label" it as your own brand.

Using News Bites' white-labelled content is straighforward. XML (eXtensible Markup Language), also called structured content, separates content from format to deliver you savings in time to publication, cost and technology choice. XML is a vendor-neutral format and has been widely adopted by many software vendors. This makes it easy to work with XML no matter your choice of tools. By using XML, you can:

  • Automate many tasks in the management, and publishing process.
  • Employ a wide variety of XML parsing engines to integrate News Bites content with your other systems.
  • Output content in a huge variety of XML-driven presentation formats, from HTML to NewsML to PDF.