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Who we are and why we're the right people to supply your reporting and insight needs.

The NewsBites Finance site shows information providers and professional and institutional investors how to cover every relevant market and security.

Here you can see a sample of the information supplied to organisations including LexisNexis and Thomson Reuters. You can also contact us to find out more about how to get the information you need.

The business

NewsBites Finance is owned by News Bites Pty Ltd, an Australian company established in 2003 and operating on three continents to satisfy clients' global stock market information needs.

Our users include retail information businesses, institutional and retail investors, regulators, investor relations specialists, legal firms, investment banks, financial advisers, corporate advisers, accounting groups and investment analysts.

Joint venture

The company works in a joint venture with BuySellSignals, which has a team of more than 70 specialists in financial analysis, IT database and processing, development and administration.

Our management team consists entirely of specialists in publishing, research and information management:

Management team

Michael F.W. Walshe

Michael Walshe

News Bites executive chairman

News Bites chairman Michael F.W. Walshe (pictured right) has spent two decades in publishing and knowledge services in both Australia and Europe. and two decades in online media. Trained as an architect, he developed a European-based business providing research to major institutions before helping to found News Bites in 2003.

Michael is based in Europe.

Howard Belcher

Howard Belcher

News Bites chief executive officer

News Bites CEO Howard Belcher (pictured left) has 40 years experience in the Australian financial sector. He has worked in finance journalism, stock broking, investment and securities research, venture capital and business consulting, within the small and micro-cap sectors and as a director of several ASX-listed investee companies. He is a co-founder of News Bites.

Howard is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Richard Ullyett

Richard Ullyett

News Bites sales manager

Richard Ullyett (pictured right) has spent more than two decades working in information management. He has been the managing editor of Reuters Business Information, and the director of European content licensing for Dow Jones before joining News Bites in 2013.

Richard is based in Europe.

Anil BakayaAnil Bakaya

BuySellSignals chief executive officer

Anil Bakaya (pictured left) has thirty years of experience in investment analysis and financial content development. He founded BuySellSignals, a real-time content generator with coverage of securities worldwide Early in his career he worked in equities research, funds management, investment consulting and corporate advisory, and wrote an investment column in Australia’s most read newspaper. He has also worked as a marketing executive and a business consultant. Anil is the inventor of two patents which comprise the intellectual property of BuySellSignals. He holds a Bachelor of Technology and a Master of Business Administration.

Anil is based in Pune, India.

Dhiraj BakayaDhiraj Bakaya

BuySellSignals chief operating officer

Dhiraj Bakaya (pictured right) is an experienced management expert and a former associate of McKinsey and Company In Mumbai and New York. He holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Business Administration.


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