News Bites Finance Announces launch of People in Business

24 January 2014

"News Bites – People in Business" collects information from stock exchanges and company websites worldwide to produce incisive news articles focussing on senior management (e.g. CEOs, CFOs, Directors & Company Secretaries) which assess the financial performance of a company during the employment period of the senior manager.

The content includes a proprietary Management Scorecard which details the key financial performance indicators of the company over the employment period, including shareholder returns. Changes in appointments, trading and dealing, management statements and the like are all covered. Articles include biographical and remuneration data as available.

Coverage is Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and the USA. The coverage will be expanding to include Asia and Asia-Pacific and in due course the rest of the world’s regions.

About News Bites

NewsBites Finance is owned by News Bites Pty Ltd, an Australian company established in 2003 and operating on three continents to satisfy clients' global stock market information needs.
 Our users include retail information businesses, institutional and retail investors, regulators, investor relations specialists, legal firms, investment banks, financial advisers, corporate advisers, accounting groups and investment analysts.

For more information, please contact NewsBites Finance at, or call:

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